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Paranoia Tabletop

MickeyDMickeyD Registered User regular
Anybody planning on running any games this year? I've always wanted to give it a go but struggled to find enough interested players.
It's the kind of game that lends itself well to one off games.

And remember, happiness at PAX is mandatory! Friend computer commands it!

You WILL need your hand to angle it in properly, especially the first time.

^ A piece of advice I wish i'd gotten.


  • PDP11PDP11 Registered User regular
    I'd be interested in playing.

  • vonhistvonhist Mr Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I'd be in on a game Friday night.

  • Cookienommer51Cookienommer51 Registered User regular
    Paranoia sounds great but doesn't it take forever to finish it. Last time i played we ended up against a giant 20 foot high levitating, acid spitting, regenerating frog. And since our GM mucked up at one point one of our players kept rolling 20s and instakilling everything, he even punches the train conductor in indigo armour and one shots him he then proceeds to want to punch the actual train. All in all the game is comedy diamonds and all i can say is if you want to play it then play it casually don't worry too much about muck ups and make random stuff happen.

    But if you're GMing then sure i will play
    (Even though i've already broken the first rule)

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