Places to Visit/Things to do In Austin

EgosEgos Registered User regular
Hi making a trip to Austin next week. Was wondering if anyone here had advice on must-see sights,what to visit,etc.?

Thanks for any Tips/Advice


  • KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    Some people may recommend sixth street, but Rainey Street is cleaner with better bars and less douchebags.

    Hamilton Pool (though I think it may be closed due to water level and bacteria)

    Hope Outdoor Gallery (Lots of cool graffiti, and nice view of downtown)

    The Capitol and what not.

    South Congress street is filled with neat shops and food places.

    One of my favorite things is to actually just ride a bike around the city

  • noir_bloodnoir_blood Registered User regular
    Alamo Drafthouse-The one in South Lamar specifically.

  • GizzyGizzy i am a cat PhoenixRegistered User regular
    A couple of years ago I was traveling there a LOT for work. So most of my suggestions are food related.

    Definitely go to Rudy's and try their Brisket.
    I also liked this place called Moonshine Grill.
    ...annnnnd as I look back through Facebook I see that I never tagged where I was and only posted vague updates like "surrounded by cool paintings and excellent salsa"

    I remember catching a comedy show in a fancy looking theater, and it happened to be Seth Meyers from SNL.
    Also one of my coworkers kept telling me that I MUST go to a magic show? But I never did. I passed by the place a few times and it looked cool.

    Also we don't have theaters where you can eat food and drink beer in Memphis, so that was amazing to me in Austin.
    And I went horse back riding.

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  • Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
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    Spider House Cafe is a hipstery spot with cool atmosphere and live music/comedy some nights. I like the garden there.

    Swimming at Barton Springs or the Greenbelt is fun, you can just float around in a pool floaty or rent a kayak. Zilker Park is nice to walk your dog in, should you have one (Austin is very dog friendly).

    There's no shortage of bars all around. White Horse is pretty cool. 6th is fun as a novelty but gets pretty crazy sometimes. Black Sheep, Haymaker, and The Side Bar are decent.

    Next weekend is Austin City Limits festival (which you may already be coming into town for). Tickets are scarce by now, but it's a pretty awesome thing to do that only comes around so often like Fun Fun Fun Fest or SXSW.

    Lots of good food. For expensive, try Justine's on East 5th. Amazing steaks there. For cheaper, Home Slice and Eastside Pies have great pizza. And if you aren't from Texas, Whattaburger is surprisingly decent fast food. Try any taco truck you see, they are all cheap and mega delicious.

    As someone else suggested, Alamo Drafthouse. It's a movie theater that also serves food and booze. You order before the movie and they bring it to you during the film. They also show old school classics for cheap all the time. It is awesome. Get the tequila chocolate milkshake.

    Rooster Teeth, the guys who do Red vs Blue, are located in Austin. They used to do tours of their studio, not sure if they still do but worth looking into.

    And of course I live here, which by default makes it an awesome city. I apologize in advance for our drivers. Don't move here. P.s. I love you so much.

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  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    If you happen across a P.Terry's I prefer that over what-a-burg.

    East 6 street there's a food truck park that is probably not going to be there for crazy long, but way south philly makes a fucking good cheesesteak. spartan pizza and the brew and brew are also over on that side, which are nice spots.

    Really my only advice is to eat like an asshole the whole time you are here, the food is great and there's tons of places to hit up.

  • Mego ThorMego Thor "I say thee...NAY!" Registered User regular
    Stubb's BBQ

    Send me some brisket.

  • MysstMysst King Monkey of Hedonism IslandRegistered User regular
    depends on where you are gonna be and if you got transportation or not.

    and also don't go to barcelona.

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  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    noir_blood wrote: »
    Alamo Drafthouse-The one in South Lamar specifically.

    haha I was going to Austin for Fantastic Fest so :twisted:

    Thanks for the responses, sorry didn't get a chance to say this earlier. Trip was semi-hectic and I left on the 27th :)

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  • Mego ThorMego Thor "I say thee...NAY!" Registered User regular
    I guess my brisket is in the mail.

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