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Looking for help picking out a Bluetooth Keyboard for a Surface Pro 3

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So I have a Surface Pro 3 that I use for... well everything. I do a lot of typing on it and, while for on-the-go the flip cover is pretty great, when I'm setting down to type or play a more elaborate game like Skyrim for a few hours I just don't like the bubble keys. I'm wanting to get a bluetooth keyboard, but I don't really know what to look for in one. Some things I'd prefer:
  • Good, tactile keys.
  • Backlit (if available). I do a lot of gaming after hours and it is pretty useful to be able to see what im typing without having to turn on a light and wake someone.
  • ~$100-120 maximum price.
  • Compatible with a Windows 10 Surface Pro 3.
  • Available through Amazon (I have a considerable credit there right now and would prefer to use it for most of the cost).

Any help is really appreciated! I'm pretty lost here.

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