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Xbox One and PC audio to same headset?

Styrofoam SammichStyrofoam Sammich WANT.normal (not weird)Registered User regular
At present I'm using a headset run through my xbox one controller. I'd like to also be able to run my PC audio through that headset at the same time. Does anyone have a software/hardware solution off the top of their head?



  • ErrorError Registered User regular
    If you have windows 10 and the August update for the One, you can stream your XBox One games to your PC, and it will recognize the headphones

  • wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    are you using the controller with an xbox or with Windows?

    if you're using it with the, there wont' be a way since the controller is paired with the Xbox, not your PC.

    if you're using it on a PC, maybe look in sound settings to see if the controller shows up as an audio device.

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  • PacoPaco Registered User regular
    I wouldn't recommend using the PC streaming as a method to route the Xbox audio into your PC headset, unless you're also using the streamed video as well. There's a slight delay between the direct feed and the streamed feed that's enough to be jarring (at least to me). I'd also stay away from streaming if you're looking to be super competitive in multiplayer for the same reason.

    I've actually been researching the same thing, for my PS4/PC and you'd either need some sort of speaker system with an audio receiver, or a set of headphones like the Steelseries H or the upcoming Logitech G933's that have that functionality built in. (The Logitech G906 for example is a 5.1 system that takes multiple devices) there are other "hacks" that can work in a pinch, like using the line in on your computer from a down-converted audio signal from the XB1 but when I tried them with my PS4 the sound quality wasn't great. That may just be my setup working against me though.

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