How should I feel? (Work related)

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Some backstory: I am a caseworker for individuals with mental illness. It's not a well paying job and the it's the only job I've had where being good at it means you get less to work with. Oh, and your personal performance rating is based entirely on other people's ability to keep their appointments.

Anyhow, I recently had emergency surgery to take out some wisdom teeth that were turning my mouth into a chemical weapon. I asked for a few things to be covered and to call people to know the update (I was not in shape to speak, phone or otherwise).

So fast forward to today and I've spent countless time on the phone (very painfully), on my PC and so on fixing things. Only reason anything got covered was because my supervisor brought it up during a weekly meeting.

The thing is, that whole never responding or taking for fucking ever to do so isn't a rare thing. It's an everyday thing. I'm not saying I'm a perfect employee but I don't leave people hanging for hours or days (!) because somehow I can't take a minute to answer a time sensitive question. We are provided with work smart phones just so we can keep in contact and so on.

So basically am I right to be upset about this? It's my first job that requires me to depend so much on coworkers (at times) so I don't know if I'm overreacting. We all do the same job so I know "too busy" isn't a valid excuse.

Either way I needed to get this off my chest, so thanks for reading this, those of you who do!



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    Right to be upset is a nebulous concept, I'm afraid. Reacting such that you demand recognition for the magnitude of your contribution is tricky business

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    are you still on painkillers? Your narrative seems to
    Be missing a paragraph or two in the middle.

  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
    I don't want recognition so much as the tools to do my job. What part of the narrative is missing? Honest question.

  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion The Land of Flowers (and Dragons)Registered User regular
    The part where your indignation comes from. Your story goes from "asked people to do something" to "should I be mad?"

    I assume nothing got covered?

  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
    Some things didn't, yeah.

    My "billable time" isn't low (higher than average!) so I know it's not a timing issue. I constantly look for new stuff to do (like covering other people's stuff to keep my numbers up because that's how your rated) and people complain all the time about not having clients to work with to meet their quota. Yet when I ask if someone can cover something well in advance, I very rarely hear anything. It seems to work better if I can grab someone at the office, but given our job we tend to always be out in the community.

    Just to be clear I'm not wanting extra recognition or to get anyone into trouble, per se. Honestly we don't get paid enough to bust out asses THAT highly. It's just frustrating because it makes me look bad to the performance staff (hours spent, not successes achieved) and my clients who are quick to assume I just forgot about them. Trust is a big thing at this job since you have to sometimes help people with personal things so it sucks having to explain that, no, I didn't forget and I'm sorry that no one took five minutes to call and check in on you after I requested they please do so.

    I like to think it's just people are somehow unilaterally terrible at using their phones/email systems because IN PERSON I can usually manage something. However, as mentioned, finding someone actually in the office outside meeting times is a crapshoot.

    Anyhow, that's all. I'm probably more annoyed because I really needed things to just get done and I ended up having to personally manage half of it while being in a decent amount of pain.

    Also, I'm sure @ceres will point out I'm a fairly laid back person in general.

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    So, a couple things:

    You should feel as you do. That shouldn't be a question really because that's the thing about feelings, they're not rational and not directly under our control. You feel peeved and that's okay.

    Whether you should express this to the people who you feel this about is another question. You're disappointed in them and concerned you can't trust them about things like this again. Both of those are completely rational and valid thoughts about how they acted.

    It doesn't seem like you think saying this to your coworkers is really going to accomplish much that is positive. You could be all "Gee, thanks for the help" but I don't see how that'd help anybody. Possibly talk about your feelings with the supervisor but make sure to lead off with thanking them for doing their part to minimize drama. Even that really depends on what you think they'll do with the comments. Expressing these feelings can help vent a bit and they may help you come up with a way of avoiding this happening in the future.

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    Magus` wrote: »
    I don't want recognition so much as the tools to do my job. What part of the narrative is missing? Honest question.

    That can be really hard to get sometimes. :bro:

  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
    I've made references to it during one on one discussion with my boss. He seemed to take it under advisement but always seems more concerned about saving money* or meeting quotas. I guess it's not a bad enough issue that the higher ups feel it's hurting the bottom line so.. yeah. Certainly is stressful to me, though. :P

    * Like preventing overtime or "unnecessary" travel.

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