"Fake guns" banned by Boston Mayor in public spaces

eilonwyeilonwy Registered User regular
Hallo friends,

I just wanted to share this bit of news for you, particularly anyone cosplaying with guns. Just be conscious when taking photos and maybe consider just photoshopping out the orange tip?


See you at PAX!


  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    While this may be a hassle for some
    Cosplayers, this ban is for hand guns, that are not "clearly marked as a fake by a federally required orange or red tip on the muzzle." It does not speak on the inclusion of replica/costume rifles, shotguns, or modified guns under this ban...I could only presume the same federal marking requirement would be required. So not that big of an issue, but this is coming from a non-cosplayer.

  • GeekyPanda404GeekyPanda404 The Geeky Panda ConnecticutRegistered User regular
    This is going to make my Cosplay experience alittle bit more difficult and annoying. Looks like the time to buy that Blue Gun is now then.

  • MechcondridMechcondrid CT, USARegistered User regular
    edited November 2015
    ...great more ignorance by politicians *sigh*
    for future reference for people (i play milsim airsoft for my sport / hobby, often at national level events)
    the orange tip is not federally mandated to own the gun it IS federally mandated to have a 6mm or greater blaze orange tip in order to sell or import the gun; also it is legal to own for any age (though obviously only those responsible enough should) it is NOT legal to buy over the counter until the age of 18
    so this is another case of a dumb politician trying to treat the disease by treating the wrong symptom
    they need to train police to not instantly go to lethal shot when dealing with a potential firearm; provided they are at least a good shot with a gun shooting to disable is just as easy as shooting to kill. (if you shoot someone in the shoulder or arm the damage to musculature is going to cause the weapon to either drop or them to be unable to hold it up with that arm, this is barring some kind of drug induced zero-pain response scenario of course)

    oh forgot to mention; obviously local ordinances can go above and beyond these laws so it pays to check local municipalities regs

    Mechcondrid on
  • schussschuss Registered User regular
    Eh, I'm fine with this. Eliminating the ambiguity helps keep everyone safe.

  • millerm277millerm277 Registered User regular
    A couple of notes here:

    - BPD is not usually overzealous about enforcing anything. The intent of this law is about actual replicas of real firearms, so if you're making something based on an imaginary and unrealistic firearm, I doubt you'd get hassled. If you're going as a soldier from Battlefield with a realistic looking handgun, that's more of a concern.
    - I do not believe inside the BCEC is considered a public space during the show, and the law is just about display of them in public spaces. Presumably, you ought to be able to just keep it under wraps or temporarily put a red/orange tip on it until you get inside if that's the case.

    Of course, my opinion is just that, and I'd probably suggest you contact BPD/the city/the BCEC and get some official confirmations if you are concerned. That said, I really doubt there are going to be many PAXers getting things confiscated.

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