Could someone help me wire this timer switch?

FiggyFiggy Registered User regular
I want to replace a 3-way switch for my bathroom fan with a timer switch.

The old setup:


The new setup:


I thought I had it but couldn't get any juice.

I've pig-tailed the two old black wires that were going to the same terminal.

Green is going to the ground screw with the rest of the ground wires in the box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • ThroThro [email protected] Registered User regular
    Ok, so based on your original pic + MS paint skills; I have some questions.
    Is that a third black wire coming out of the bottom left terminal, just not on the screw? That's not earth/ground, and was probably meant to be electrically connected to the other two.
    Speaking of the other two black wires, since this is a three-way switch I'm assuming there's a second switch. The two black wires not being on the other end of the new switch will mean this circuit won't be closed.

    Are you sure where you have the green wire is ground, and not neutral? (Sorry, can't read the switch from your pic + this monitor).
    Where's that white wire on the new switch going?
    Do you still have the instructions from the timer switch? There should be a diagram that would help us understand functionally (even switches with the same functions can put different terminals in different locations).

    Also, do you have a multimeter?

  • FiggyFiggy Registered User regular
    Thanks for taking the time to look, @Thro

    I ended up going into the ensuite bathroom today and wiring that fan to familiarize myself a bit more. That one was just a regular switch to the fan, along with a light switch in the same box.

    So, after that, back to the main bath, I was able to figure it out:

    Green wire to ground (screw at the back of the box where other bare copper grounds were attached)

    Red to first traveler (top-left old red, if facing the switch from the front)
    Red/yellow to second traveler (old top-right black)
    White pigtailed with the rest of the neutrals in the box (there were 4 of them, all tucked into the back that I had not seen previously)
    Black pigtailed with the 3 bottom black wires (which I now know were all hot).

    Sorry, my MSPaint job was lazy--that push-in black wire doesn't just end in outer space. Upon further inspection is goes into the light switch beside the fan switch.

    The timer switch instructions told me what colour wire went to what wire in terms of load/hot/neutral/etc., but my problem was almost all wires on the old switch were just black, and I wasn't aware the neutrals would be on their own in there. It took a bit of reading up on how 3-ways work and what wires should be where in different setups.

    Thanks again!

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  • ThroThro [email protected] Registered User regular
    Yay! I'm glad you got it figured out!

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