Need to retrieve data from GPT Protective Partition

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Got a failing HDD that won't boot. Wasn't able to get data backed up before it wouldn't boot.

Got the new HDD in and a SATA/USB adaptor for the bad one and it's showing up as a GPT Protective Partition. There's no drive letter and the only non-grayed out option is to convert to dynamic disk.

Is there anyway to get the data off? It only stays connected to the PC for a few minutes at a time so long running data retrieval software probably not an option. Anyone know of any good ones in case it comes to that?

It's an all-in-one unit so only one internal SATA port that I can see. Dell Inspiron. WD blue 1TB HDD 7200RPM

Windows 8

Not my PC and got it after it wouldn't boot so no lectures about backing up please.

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    The gpt protective partition does not house any user data. gpt doesn't use a partitioning scheme the way mbr does. It's just there to house the BCD from being overwritten making your device unbootable. Chances are your os/data partition was lost, you'll need something like Seagate file recovery or recovery tools from a Linux environment. You could theoretically run chkdsk but it can be destructive as the objective of chkdsk isn't to recover data so much as it is to recover the drive to a functioning file system.

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    Oh, if it is losing power after being on a few minutes chances are the control board is bad, take it to a professional if the data is worth more than a grand.

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    The case it was in wouldn't boot into Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 to try to get files off. Don't have a spare on me. Tried plugging it in via USB with my computer with the Rescue Disk 10 but didn't see the USB HDD.

    I got the HDD so it's running if you don't look at it weird. Running this software on it right now. Found some stuff but not the user files I need... Still running though.

    Not the end of the world if I can't get the files but don't want to tell the client that they are gone...

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    I've had decent luck with Zero Assumption Recovery in the past. It recovered a ton of stuff for me after my master file table and the backup copy of it both went poof on me.

    IIRC the free version will run and let you see what you could recover with the paid version.

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