Does anybody know a lot about the "Marry TTS (Text to Speech) Software?

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Hello everone. My Name is Johannes, and I'm new here. I saw here an Post about the IVONA Text to Voice Software. So I hope or hoped, that somebody here could maybe help me...

I downloadet the Marry TTS. It's a great but old Text to Speech Software. The Voices are not really "Perfect", but this System have Emotions. You can listen to a Text in Differen Emotions like "Sad, Happy, Angry", and and and..

My Problem is that I don't know how to use these Emotions in a Text that I type. It just reads the Demo in the Emotions, but not that what I want it to read in the choosed Emotion.

Can somebody here maybe help me please?

P.s. If my Thread is in the Wrong Section here, then please dear Mods and Operators, feel free to send him in another Place here :)

Thanks for your Attention.


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