iTunes, iPod Classic, and Smart Playlists

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I've got a 160 GB iPod Classic. I've been using it for years, and while it is full of my music, I also occasionally use it to listen to Giant Bomb's podcasts. Up until a few months ago, I organized these using smart playlists in iTunes. The podcasts I listen to are sorted by release order.

Relatively recently, though, something happened. The smart playlist doesn't seem to transfer over properly to my iPod when I sync it. The playlist appears to be working fine in iTunes:

But when I click on the iPod view in iTunes, this is what I see in the podcast list next to Giant Bomb:

Now, here's the weird thing. When I disconnect my iPod from my PC, the Giant Bomb playlist is actually still on my iPod, complete with all of those podcasts...except they're not in release order at all.

Just to complicate things -- see the smart playlist just called Podcasts? It includes all of the podcasts I download, including Giant Bomb, and also sorts it by release date. That one does transfer over properly. And here's where it gets weird: I made a duplicate of that smart playlist and called it Podcasts 2, and that one did the same thing my Giant Bomb playlist did.

Anyone have any ideas about what's going on here?


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    Wow, I didn't think I'd stump the H/A forums!

    I'm updating because I found the solution! I missed it because it was buried pretty well. First I had to go to my iPod tab in iTunes, then click on "Podcasts" under settings. Then I had to scroll down to "Include Episodes in Playlists" at the very bottom. The checkbox next to "Giant Bomb" was unchecked; checking it made it work properly again:


    Maybe this will help any random people who come across this same issue.

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