Fashion Advisability - Jeans and a Suit Vest?

Gabriel_PittGabriel_Pitt (effective against the Irish)Registered User regular
Going into the holiday season and all the semi-casual to mildly formal events I'm going to have to dress myself for, I'm trying to mix things up a little. Being an introverted white guy with minimal fashion proclivities, I'm worried that I'm going to do something awful and not realize it until too late.

In this case, I have some nice, very dark blue fitted jeans, a light colored dress shirt, and a dark grey pin stripe suit vest. I think the combination looks pretty good but I want to make sure I'm not making some sort faux pas, like this is the unofficial uniform of the douche canoe rowing team or something.


  • JebusUDJebusUD Adventure! Candy IslandRegistered User regular
    You should take a picture and go post it in the SE++ fashion thread. The kindly people there will help you.

    It really is hard to say without seeing it and knowing shirt color, things like that.

    Offhand it sounds like an okay choice, but hard to know exactly.

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    sounds alright. stick with a white shirt and probably dress it down with white sneakers, too.

  • UncleChetUncleChet N00b Lancaster, PARegistered User regular
    I've done this combo, worked great. Layout was: Medium blue tone jeans, dark brown hand polished shoes. light blue pinstripe shirt, color coordinated bow tie, grey pinstripe vest. (60s looking type). All was well fit, and it looked great and I got a lot of complements. I say rock it to the face.

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