Connecting a PS3 AfterGlow controller to the PC to play Skyrim in Steam

Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
So I used ScpDriver instead of MotioninJoy because I never could get MotioninJoy to work. While my computer sees my controller and I can even use my controller in Steam's Big Picture mode just fine, I can't use it in Skyrim. I have the 360 Controller option checked but the only thing that works is when I click the PSHome button, Steam opens up. Other than that, not works. I can't config my buttons in game as the game isn't seeing my controller. Any ideas?



  • hsuhsu Registered User regular
    I had so many headaches with my Sony PS3 controllers on my PC, particularly with the bluetooth hacks to make it work wirelessly, that I bit the bullet and bought XBox 360 wireless controllers instead.

  • FiggyFiggy Registered User regular
    Pretty much what hsu said.

    Is recommend grabbing a 360 (or One) controller, wired or otherwise. I prefer the former simply to save on batteries.

    It just works. No messing with drivers. No looking up settings. It just works right away. With every game I've ever tried. It even changes over the buttons prompts in most games, too.

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  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    If you're looking for the PS style controller, though, the logitech ones won't steer you wrong.

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