Samsung Smart TV + Receiver + ARC = No Sound from Samsung Apps

MegaMan001MegaMan001 CRNARochester, MNRegistered User regular
TV - UN50HU8550 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)
Receiver - Onkyo TX-SR343 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver

The only reason I am screwing around with this at all is because HBO Go is blocked on the PS4 if you have Comcast as a provider.

I've set connected all of my devices (Cable Box / PS4) to the receiver, then linked an HDMI from the receiver to HDMI 4, which is labeled as (ARC) on this model.

For about a month I had no issues. Sound went to the receiver from the Samsung Apps without issue and the Anynet+ system let me control the volume with any remote.

About a week ago this just stopped working. I didn't change the connections to anything, just out of the blue my Samsung Apps stopped sending sound to the receiver and the Smart TV reset itself to either 'Speakers' or 'Audio Out' as the only options for Sound, 'Receiver' is now unselectable.

I went back into the receiver menu and everything related to ARC is on or AUTO (CEC / ARC, etc.) I did a 'Device Search' from the Samsung Smart TV setup and it sees the Anynet+ Receiver, but it is still unselectable from Sound Menu.

Any ideas? Is it possible that an HDMI cord just ups and decides to stop working, but still passes through sound and video from my other devices without issue? Can a receiver just lose ARC capability? Did my TV ARC port just die?

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  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    Could be, HDCP can be finicky. Extra HDMI cables are so cheap that it is a good idea to have some extras anyway, so try replacing it first.

    Also maybe try connecting to the receiver with different cables? I know our soundbar doesn't work right via optical cable.

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  • MegaMan001MegaMan001 CRNA Rochester, MNRegistered User regular
    I bought a pack of four HDMI Amazon Basic Cables that support 3d, 4k, and ARC and I'll play roulette with the cables before just doing audio out and calling it a day.

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  • Liquid HellzLiquid Hellz Registered User regular
    Are you using the HDMI for sound? I Have a similar TV and have always used an optical audio cable with no issues, they are cheap.

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  • MegaMan001MegaMan001 CRNA Rochester, MNRegistered User regular
    Switched out all the cables for amazon basic and low and behold, now works. Probably should have just gotten the optical audio cable but what the hell.

    This can be locked, thanks guys.

    I am in the business of saving lives.
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