[Windows][Mac][Linux][Android] Majotori - A narratrivia

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Sometimes, when someone makes a wish, Lariat the witch appears and challenges them to a game of trivia. If they win, she makes their wish come true, but if they lose, something bad may happen instead.

The game:
  • Answer trivia
  • Make dreams come true
  • Ruin lives

The trivia:
  • Original and engaging questions
  • About video games
  • About movies
  • About animation
  • About everything else
Majotori can be downloaded for free (pay what you want) for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android from our website:

Give it a try!
Thank you!


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  • monikazappermonikazapper the mouthless seaRegistered User regular
    Sounds like a game I can use to review before attending geek trivia night :D I wonder though if the images and video used are actual gameplay footage. I'm a bit unsure about the controls (where to click or tap) when answering a question

  • 5ro45ro4 Game designer SpainRegistered User new member
    All the images used are from the actual game. The video shows just a summary of some of the stories/wishes that are told in the game.
    You just need to click/tap on the answer you wish to select. You can download the game for free, so just try it our for yourself!

    Thank you for the comment!

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