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Spectrum Shade

Given name at birth: Simone Grey Rivers

Her parents died when she was 19. Simone worked in law enforcement for six years before contracting a so called incurable disease that nearly killed her. After three months in a coma, she woke with new powers.

Abilities corresponding with the colours of the rainbow:
Violet-can force emotions on someone
Blue-can send out pulses of electricity
Green-manipulation of plants and animals
Yellow-perfect aim
Orange-mind reading and telekinesis
Red-enhances abilities such as hearing and stamina

There are two other colours Spectrum Shade can manipulate, giving her control over light and dark:white and black.

White-can sprout wings
Black-can create complete darkness and has the ability to walk through walls and other matter besides her weakness(Iridantiumalgamate (nicknamed NightAsh))

Her suit is all black except for her gloves and belt that change with her powers. She wears a mask and keeps two daggers stashed in her boots for emergency.

Downside to being Spectrum Shade: NightAsh can kill her in under 12 hours without an antidote. Antidote is very rare and mostly composed of Archaea organisms. When she touches other people when using the black colour, they can age quickly.

She has other unknown powers and also small powers that have no significance.



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