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Costume Concern (Crazy Taxi) PLEASE HELP!

JonnyRuckusJonnyRuckus Best in the World/GhostbusterNew HampshireRegistered User regular
So I built a Crazy Taxi costume for PAX East and my friends are getting me super nervous that security won't let me in. I know I've seen giant robots, Daleks, and R2 Units come in so I don't think there will be a problem but I'm certainly nervous putting all my eggs in one basket with this. Anyone have some info or advise for me? PLEASE HELP THANKS!




  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I think the spot in the cosplay thread in the East forum was the right place for this

    Geth, close this thread

  • GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Affirmative zerzhul. Closing thread...

This discussion has been closed.