Max tickets available to purchase?

Rabid DogRabid Dog Registered User regular
So this is my first time going to Pax (Prime/West) and I think I remember East having a restriction on the amount of tickets one person could buy. Is there a restriction for Prime? My group is about 5-7 people and was hoping to snag badges for everyone. Would that be possible? Or am I limited to a certain amount per household? How should I go about getting that many tickets?

The others have never been and haven't had to deal with the huge rush to grab tickets before they're sold out, so I'm trying to take care of it haha...


  • D0rkAnglD0rkAngl Lynnwood, WARegistered User regular
    4 of each day is the typical limit.

  • RexPowerColtRexPowerColt Gamer Spokane, WARegistered User new member
    4 of each day is the usual like stated before, but be careful last year there was an error that only allowed people to get only 2 of each day

  • wolfemancswolfemancs Registered User regular
    Get one of your friends who lives at a different physical address and has their own separate payment method up to speed on how to snag tickets.

    You will only be able (unless things change, which is highly unlikely) to get 4 of each day yourself. If you get back in the queue to get more, they will very likely cancel your order. If someone with the same mailing address (possibly even IP address? The conspiracy theories were rampant last year) as you orders more, both your sets of orders will very likely get canceled.

    Last year there were stories of college age people who share a house with people they don't really know that well, each independently getting sets of 4 because they each had separate groups of 4, and weren't planning on going together, and all their tickets got canceled.

    They try hard to stop scalpers from buying large quantities, and sometimes legit users get caught in the crossfire.

  • D0rkAnglD0rkAngl Lynnwood, WARegistered User regular
    Yeah, the scalper combatting is pretty hardcore now. Tickets go so fast they attempt to go out of their way to make sure they're all going to real fans. This can sometimes screw people.

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