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The "Havana" vintage suit? Need help...

zhen_roguezhen_rogue Registered User regular
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Hello H/A:

I have a holiday party coming up soon, and the dress theme of this party is "Havana Nights" (think vintage postcards).
I'm interested in contacting costume shops and theatre companies in my area to see about a suit(costume) rental.

What I don't know, is what i'm asking for by name.

What do I call the "classic/vintage Havana" suit?

I know the hat is a Panama Fedora (gatsby/classic).
But the suit itself is where i'm fuzzy.
I want to sound like I know what i'm talking about if I call a theatre company, and i'd also want to be sure i'm asking for the right thing.

I've included some images below to help - please fill in any blanks you can, such as:

Does this suit style have it's own "name"?
Barring that,
What is this suit's "cut" (jacket cut)?
Suit material (originally)?
What era/decade is this suit/look from?
Also, none of the images I can find show shoes - recommendations on style/color?

Thanks in advance for any help you folks might be able to provide.


zhen_rogue on


  • crakecrake Registered User
    edited November 2006
    I think they're actualy called Panama Suits. (to match the hat) Early 50's. Think Ricky from I Love Lucy.

    Panama suit is the style, but if you want a white/cream one, you have to specify.

    crake on
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