PAX Prime Honeymoon?

z0raz0ra Registered User regular
I'm getting married in late June and wanted to know if a honeymoon at PAX was a good idea.
It wouldn't be our first PAX.. more like the 7th I think. But we both really enjoy the convention every time. Since we do go every year, it was sort of a way to save some money by not taking a separate honeymoon, I`m a student and just lost my job, so money is an issue.
My concern is that it wouldn't be very romantic, we usually stay in a hostel with a couple friends so if we did end up making this trip our honeymoon I would probably splurge on a hotel room for just us.
I`d really appreciate any advice (for or against this idea) or how to make it a more romantic trip while not breaking the bank.


  • ScunosiScunosi WashingtonRegistered User regular
    If you're already a PAX vet, you know what you like to do at the con and what you can pass on. I suggest doing as much research as possible once the schedule comes out and determine what are your "must-dos," then list all the other time as free time. That way you can plan romantic meals in-between, or go try something fun around the city, while waiting for the events you actually want to go to.

    Conversely, plan right off the bat on not going to any of the "events" (panels, competitions, etc) and just leave everything open so you can just wander around or go have fun elsewhere as you see fit. Odds are there's going to be some repeat stuff from last year, or things you've done or seen before you don't really need to bother doing again, that'll make it easier to pass on.

    I do think springing for a hotel for the two of you is a good idea, for both yourselves and any potential roommates that would otherwise have to put up with a newly married couple. :P

  • z0raz0ra Registered User regular
    Scunosi wrote: »
    I do think springing for a hotel for the two of you is a good idea, for both yourselves and any potential roommates that would otherwise have to put up with a newly married couple. :P

    Haha yeah, I wasn't about to subject anyone to that.

  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    Honestly just having a nice private hotel can totally make the trip what you're wanting. I hiiiighly recommend the Hyatt for its bathrooms (separate roomy shower and a nice sized tub!).

  • DapperPumpkinDapperPumpkin Registered User regular
    I think the only person you need to discuss "is a PAX honeymoon a good idea" is with your significant other. Would they like to do a PAX honeymoon? Who cares if some people on the internet think it's romantic? If you and your partner think it's romantic, that's all that counts. Maybe neither of you think it's romantic - but that might also be okay! Not all couples like really romantic things. We could tell you it's a great idea but if your partner doesn't agree and feels slighted at a PAX-honeymoon combo trip, what good did we do?

    I don't mean to sound negative, so perhaps a more helpful answer:
    If your question is instead that both you and your partner would like to do a PAX honeymoon and you're looking for some romantic ideas to spice up the weekend, then I think there's lots to do in Seattle. I would recommend taking at least one day off from PAX and go to touristy things around Seattle just the two of you.

  • byakuenbyakuen Somewhere in SeattleRegistered User regular
    From what I gather, you two are veteran PAX attendees. So you know what to do in regards to PAX.
    I agree with the single room hotel. Mind you, it will be expensive during this time this year (Labor day, PAX, Bumbershoot, and Mariners). May check for condos/houses for rent or B&Bs in the area.
    Honeymoon in style if you can by planning dinner at places such as the Space Needle or the Pink Door in Pike Place. Or go over the Bremerton ferry to Anthony's in the evening. Beautiful sunset and great dinner. Would try to find a place that does couple massages if possible. A weekend of walking around is tiring, closing the week with one would be nice break and can be romantic.

    All in all, just be smart about your time here. Plan as much as you can, but be open to changes.

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  • z0raz0ra Registered User regular
    Thanks for all the ideas everyone! After checking around I think that hotels are just out of my reach financially.
    I discussed it with my partner and we decided to put our honeymoon on hold for a year instead.
    But we will be going to PAX this year again (providing we get tickets) so I'll see you all there!

  • domina_fortunadomina_fortuna Registered User regular
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    Just thought I'd add a quick note to your thread: My husband and I came to PAX Prime 2014 for our honeymoon. It was awesome! We ended up sharing a place with some really nice people we met through these forums because our AirBNB fell through at the last minute. PAX was the main attraction but we came to Seattle for a few days extra to do some touristy things and get a feel for the area. It was the best honeymoon ever!

    Since it's not your first PAX, I would try to make sure that it's not the only thing you do for your honeymoon. Definitely get a hotel room, just for the feel of being away from home. Try out new restaurants! Anything to make it feel special. :)

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    My boyfriend and I met at PAX and this coming PAX will be our sixth time going. We both love it. It's also usually is around my birthday also, (August 31st) so we celebrate our anniversary and my birthday all at one. I do recommend getting a hotel room though for whenever you want quote, sexy times.

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