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So about a month ago, i was merging onto the highway, and ended up hitting a road sign which smashed up my car. It was late at night and raining and i was by myself. I didnt stop to look at damage or anything. I just drove straight home because i was too scared to stop at the side of the road by myself. I didnt think to even call the police or call my insurance company. No cops stopped me but im sure there was a camera on the hwy that i was on. No cops have come to my house to give me a ticket or anything. But im scared its going to backfire! What do i do?? Do i report it or what? What do i do??!!


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    If you're in the continental US most police agencies don't spend the time to research these sort of events because they happen all of the time. If you'd like to get your vehicle fixed though, you should go get a quote as to how much it will cost and then way that against a possible 10-30% increase in your insurance rate if you ask them to help with the costs.

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    Yeah nothing is going to come of it in terms of punitive damages, realistically.

    The only cost is to fix you vehicle.

    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
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    At a month out I don't think you really have a realistic chance to involve your insurance in this. I can only imagine how the conversation with them would go especially once the fact ou didn't report it to the police either comes up.

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    As long as you know the date of the incident there's no good reason why insurance wouldn't get involved if you wanted to file a claim. Single-vehicle accident, basically "I fucked up my own car by myself". May result in rate hikes or you being dropped, though they should fix it on this claim. Depends on the carrier and your history with them.

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    I have really great when I had shitty insurance, if I hit something I would pretty much have a local mechanic fix anything that was mechanically wrong with the car and I would fix cosmetic or small shit.

    If the police haven't talked to you yet, they aren't going to.

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