Rotorcraft Breakout

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App Name: Rotorcraft Breakout
Developer: Texels
Cost: Free
Available on: Android and Indus OS
Genre: Arcade






Play Store Link:

Mission: Glide your helicopter through various challenging floating rocks to escape from the Bermuda Triangle and be the survivor.

What makes Rotorcraft Breakout special?
Unlike many side scrolling games, Rotorcraft Breakout is a continuous horizontal as well as vertical scrolling game. This gives the player a lot of space to travel and thereby gives a feel of flying the helicopter in real world and makes the game more intriguing.

Features & Description:
1) Helicopters: 5 different helicopters are available out of which 4 can be unlocked by using coins collected in the game.
a. Rotorcraft: This is the entry level helicopter and it’s free.
b. Classic: The cheapest helicopter available which can travel with ease in vertical direction.
c. The Bird: This is a military helicopter and due to its tapered dimension it can go through narrow gaps easily.
d. Metal Hawk: This helicopter has a metal like appearance and is the easiest to control even in high speed.
e. Rotor Car: This is a combination of a helicopter and car in terms of appearance. Also considered as a futuristic helicopter.

2) Obstacles:
a. Floating Rocks: Normal rocks floating in air scattered all around the world.
b. Spinner Rocks: Tall rocks spinning in air.
c. Gravity Rocks: Powerful rocks which have gravity field can pull the helicopter into them.
d. Fire Rocks: Rocks which can shoot fire balls onto the helicopter.
e. Giant Rocks: Huge rocks seeing which the player can get tensed.

3) Power Ups:
a. Turbo: Turbo power up makes the helicopter fly far in the blink of an eye.
b. Shield: Protects the helicopter from any obstacle.
c. Missile: Gains one missile which can be used to shoot any obstacle.
d. Coin Magnet: Gain coins easily by attracting them.
e. Coin Multiplier: Coin value increases by 2.

4) Themes:
a. Morning
b. Evening
c. Night

Additional Points:
1) Shield is the key to success. Using the shield wisely will help the player to complete the game. This can be taken as a hint.
2) 25 Amazing Achievements to unlock.

Play Store Link:

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  • bigosaurbigosaur EuropeRegistered User regular

    I played it a lot today. It's a fun game with nice idea. I appreciate you allowed controls to be configured, wish more games would do that.

    However, there are a few problems that make the game frustrating and I probably won't play anymore until it's fixed:
    • The hit box seems to be off downward by a few pixels. I often "hit" the stuff underneath me although I did not hit them on the screen and I also see my top rotor going through stuff without losing life
    • The size of visible area in front doesn't work well with the game speed. Often I get 2 obstacles that show up close to each other and the second one shows up too late for me to do anything. It feels just too random when this will show up and ruin your game no matter how quick your reflexes are. The only way to work around this is to pick up shields, which is a bad patch mechanics IMHO. You shouldn't be forced to pick up shields.

    Beside this, the explosion animation looks a bit off and doesn't really feel like the helicopter is exploding. Perhaps you could change it fit the helicopter shape better or even animate helicopter shattering into pieces.

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