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How did you meet your PAX buddies?

xHeavYxxHeavYx WA StateRegistered User regular
Just curious of how most of you guys met your PAX group. Most of the people I know are not into video games, and the only friend that was thinking of going was sent to N Korea by the military.


  • xenardxenard Registered User regular
    My first PAX I went with a friend but joining in on the forum fun like the pre pax board game night and pax pokemon league is where I met the group of people I hang out with at PAX now.

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  • InfiniteNuLLInfiniteNuLL Registered User regular
    Actually, my PAX group was all from my FC/Guild from FF14. There was 13 of us in total and may be more next year :D

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  • surettesurette kill the switch Boston, MARegistered User regular
    I'm pretty lucky; my roommate freshman year of college became my best friend, and him and another close friend from college are both into video games and Penny Arcade. They're actually the ones who got me into Penny Arcade and PAX.

  • Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Moderator mod
    Most of the people I hang out at PAX with are people I met through PAX, the forums, the prank, the ccst, or IRC. Then there are the 13 other people I was stuck in the elevator with at East 2010. I mean, they were all prank people, but we share a special bond that only 14 people who spend an hour in an elevator with no air circulation can share.


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    That was East 2012. Your age is addling your brain, @Moe Fwacky

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  • bubblegumnexbubblegumnex Registered User regular
    I met my PAX Posse via IRC and the prank. It's been rad as fuck since, providing a convention experience that I always wanted ever since I was a wee nerd.

    zerzhul wrote: »
    That was East 2012. Your age is addling your brain, @Moe Fwacky

    This is your brain when you're not getting your daily dose of Heels and Toast in The Morning.

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  • MalgarasMalgaras Registered User regular
    edited September 2015
    As someone who has notoriously had problems making friends due to some general social awkwardness, my sources:
    1. A local MD pre-pax game meetup that was meeting regularly for a year and change or so. Still in touch with some, not with others.
    2. Community events at PAX, the Magical Mystery Tour, game night, etc.
    3. Enforcing. Truth be told, my first go at it was a bit rough, but I stuck with it and at subsequent PAXen, I have met SO MANY amazing people through Enforcing, you would not believe.
    4. Plugging PAX to my non-PAX friends incessantly enough that one of them finally caved and went to PAX east.... then two the next year.. then eight... and now I've got a couple doing Prime and South as well, and still snowballing.

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  • RavengerRavenger Trolololo Registered User regular
    /join #pax
    msg nickserv identify imetallmyfriendsthroughirc

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  • vespachicavespachica SeattleRegistered User regular
    I met mine by volunteering to help coordinate the first Schlitzkrieg (Prime) and it has blossomed from there.


  • Jigglypuff510Jigglypuff510 Registered User regular
    I just really played Smash with a bunch of kids my age who approached me in the LFG Room this years PAX East asking if I wanted to play, of course I said sure and we played dubs, Its all about finding people and being social at PAX when it comes to finding a group

  • TheAggroCraigTheAggroCraig Ultimate Lucky Douchebag MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    At East I generally just go with my friends, so I'd stay mostly contained with them, who I've been going with since East 2010 (some have dropped in/out over the years).

    My first Prime was 2012, and I went solo and found a room share here on the forums. I met a few people I still room with/hang/talk with, I just wish I could see them more than at PAX.

    Then Pinny Arcade started... and now I know like 100 people who all collect, shit's great and I've made a ton of friends through it. Them's good peoples.

  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    My group is college friends, and some of their other various friends they know through gaming (online or over a table). More rarely I'll meet up with some internet friends of my own.

    I've gone to PAX solo a couple times, and I also don't I travel around with my whole group all the time I'm at PAX. The truth is basically most people at PAX can be your friends. Just gotta talk to people in lines and whenever else you find yourself near somebody else who seems to be interested in the same thing as you. Be social! Make new PAX Pals! That's how you learn where all the cool stuff is happening!

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  • KeroanKeroan Chicago, IllinoisRegistered User regular
    I met my group through a minecraft server hosted by a let's player I watched. Now we go to all different paxen so it's interesting how we've evolved :)

  • DanQDanQ Registered User regular
    I had a bunch of friends from my college gaming club go, and a couple coworkers. They all kept posting so many pictures to facebook and I got jealous, so i decided to go. best decision ever.

  • ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    One I've been friends with since high school (class of '01) and the other I'm married to.

  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    1. Final Fantasy 11. - I played for 10 years and still keep in contact with most of them.
    2. League of Legends- I support and top.
    3. Prank - I think I have done five now?
    4. IRC
    5. Black Milk Clothing- Sharkies are great for meeting!
    6. Cosplay- I have around 7,000 followers all together and have met up with fans/followers at each PAX.
    7. Enforcers. - I was friends with them before becoming an E and have remained friends with them!

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    You have been at least partially involved in 7 pranks

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  • HazelHalfBloodHazelHalfBlood Unapologetic Dungeons and Dragons Enthusiast New HampshireRegistered User regular
    Met my Pax group in College. Got cornered in the cafeteria by some strange guy asking me if I play D&D and video games. Next thing I know we were at Pax East. That was 6 years ago and now me and said strange guy are dating and have an amazing group that attends every year.

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  • revengeancefulrevengeanceful Registered User regular
    One friend I've known since middle school, the other since college. The rest of my PAX crew (high school and college friends) has slowly stopped attending, but the three of us are still going strong.

  • ZynthioZynthio Registered User regular
    Pax South this year was my very first Pax. I went with friends I've had since middle school and high school.
    I used to not know them very well, passed them in the hall every day and honestly thought they were weird. Then one day I started sitting with them at lunch and I found out they had alot of the same interests I do. They played alot of the same games as me, watched anime, like comic books, etc. Now, a couple years later, they're my best friends. I haven't spoken to or seen any other "friends" I had back in those days, but I hope I always get to be friends with these guys.
    I plan to try to go to Pax with them for years to come. One day I hope to make more friends that would be interested in going, and maybe even meet some lifelong friends at Pax! That would be awesome!

  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    The Pre-PAX Dinner and the Tri-Wizard Drinking Tournament pretty much exclusively.

    It's easy to become friends with everyone when everyone is equally obliterated and having a ton of fun :D

  • wreckeurwreckeur Registered User regular
    Our very first PAX (2013), we were in the morning queue line to get in and my daughter was trading buttons. She traded with a guy named Ken and afterwards we talked for a while, then PAX opened and we all went on our way.

    In 2014, we were walking around the Tabletop area when we hear someone yell my daughter's name. It's Ken from the year before! He asks if we remember him, I do - daughter does not, but they trade pins again. Ken and I trade email addresses.

    2015 - Prior to PAX, Ken and I start emailing back and forth. He's working a booth this year so we make a point to stop in and game with him. We had a great time.

    2016 - Ken and I stay in somewhat constant contact through the year. He's purely an attendee this year. We get to spend quite a bit of time hanging out and going to panels together and again, we have a great time.

    THIS is what PAX means to me. Three jam packed days of friends, games, and fun.

  • The AviatrixThe Aviatrix Registered User regular
    My first PAX I went with my friends. But they weren't big fans of PAX(shocking, I know). I met up with my brother a bit as well. (My brother lives in the Seattle area.)

    The next PAX I chilled with my brother and cosplayed. While cosplaying, I met somebody dressed as the same character as me, so we hung out the rest of the day. Also started hanging out with my brother's friends more.

    I now meet up with the cosplayer at West, making plans in advance as to what we'll do together.

    When going to South (and hopefully, starting next year, East) my travel group is my brother and his friend.
    As a note, my brother is a good many years older than I - our friends never overlapped growing up. And he already lived in another state by the time I was an adult. So these are people I likely would not have talked to without PAX. I even started attending a game night with one of his friends I hadn't seen for probably 15 years.

    Then there's people that I meet at a PAX and then run into at later PAXes and that's just awesome.

    (Even though we go together, my group generally breaks up during the day. Meeting back up, then breaking again. Which also leaves ample room to talk to all the other friends I've not met yet all around me! I wish I did a better job keeping in contact throughout the year...)

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