D&D Duel ideas.

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So the guys in my D&D group want me to set-up a Dueling Tourney with all of them. But I want to add some variety to the mix beyond the cliche fight to the death. Any ideas of how I can spice it up a bit and keep them on their toes?

Secondly, a couple of them could easily roll some overpowered guys with some of the extra books they have versus the guys who just have the core. Do you think that they would mind if I limited the books allowed, and any suggestions on any supplements to allow if any at all?

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    Random death traps.


    Something like a dragon unleashed interrupts the tournament. Whoever slays the dragon wins the tournament.

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    A fight to the death...

    ...in an arena filled with blades, reflex save every other round or take some amount of slashing damage.
    ...in an arena with walls of... iron, stone, thorns, fire, ice, water, sand, gloom, gears, etc. etc. etc. set out in such a way that every 10 feet there's a wall, in each direction. Basically making a lot of rooms, each with a different type of wall on each side, all connected to each other.
    ...on floating platforms above acid, fire, spikes, poisoned spikes, monsters, etc.
    ...in a room with randomly generated reverse gravity effects, i.e. you determine beforehand whether or not there is gravity or reversed gravity in a particular 5-foot square.
    ...on the plane of air.
    ...in a forest.
    ...in the stomach of an extremely large creature.

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    Out of arena intrigue. The badassest NPC team should prolly not only be the best but also the dirtiest. ;)

    Some ideas:
    - Rogue sneaking slow-effecting poison to enemies
    - Diviner finding out the tricks and traps of the next arena and the weaknesses of the enemies
    - Bribes to have the arenas especially favor them
    - Illegal or banned weapons/magic items/spells
    - Exposing/blackmailing with/framing other teams' rule violations
    - Combatants mugged and severely injured or kidnapped just before a fight

    If the PCs don't think to use similar methods or at least counteract for them... too bad. :twisted:

    Hmm. The dragon idea would be kinda neat if evil-ed up a bit. Like the dragon breaks the arena open, but the enemy leader tells the bribed judge to keep the combat rolling. Fight continues with the dragon terrorizing the neighborhood (including both sides of the duel) and spills to the crowded city streets (and indoors/back alleys/rooftops for cover, sniping and dramatic poses) causing huge amounts of collateral damage.

    And the challenge there should be winning *despite* the dragon, not cause of the dragon. ;)

    One further detail:
    Have a mage from one of the losing teams make a dragon calling ritual as a revenge against anyone involved with the tournament. Let the players try to stop it if they want, but have them fail. Don't tell them whether they succeeded or not.

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