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My Badges got wrongfully refunded

deguzmanddeguzmand Registered User new member
To whoever it may concern,

My name is David de Guzman and I have been going to PAX for 2 years now.
The first time I went was in 2014 where I met so many of my online friends which encouraged me to go back to school, hence this school email.

I can understand why my account was flagged but it was wrongfully flagged.

The badges that were being purchased were sent to this address: 805 University Way

Mark de Guzman
David de Guzman
Geoff Worley

Mark de Guzman and me, David de Guzman LIVE IN THIS ADDRESS
And Geoff Worley is in the process of moving so he sent them our way.
My account was flagged for being a scalper and that is far from the truth.
I had a friend who was sending his tickets to my house, and I had another friend who was sending them to my house as well which was 805 E University Way.
If you are able to look at previous history, last year a friend of mine sent them to this address as well because we are all meeting up at the same place the week before pax started.
We were wrongfully flagged because we had multiple badges being sent here.

I had weekend passes for my friends and family and now I have a big weight on my shoulder because now I don't have any.

Here is the people and their information for which those badges were purchased by who are very angry with me and now I have to deal with the shame disappointment I brought to my friends.

These are real people and you are more than happy to get into contact with them including myself.

I am not a scalper and because I live locally in Washington, I know who the scalpers are.
We are not Scalpers.
They are the same ones that have been selling badges for the past years I've been going.
And they are the same people from Emerald City Comic.

And that is not me.

I love PAX and all I wanted to do is go and I have never done anything scalping related in my entire life.
The badges being sent to my home was the correct one for all of those.
And they were purchased by 3 different people.

Mark de Guzman
Geoff Worley
David de Guzman

We all bought our badges fairly and we sent them to our home because we live in 805 E University Way

And Geoff Worley sent them to our home because we live at Central Washington University, and he is in the process of moving to new apartments because it is summer school here.

Geoff Worley has also been sending you emails but to no avail have gotten anything from customer service.
[email protected]

What I am asking is please in anyway possible to let me buy my badges so I can go to the convention that changed the path of my life.

These are terms that I feel make my claim just and prove that I am not a scalper and just a PAX goer who is trying to get his badges back.
Which I feel abides by the policy in which PAX claims as fair to uphold.

I would love to have these picked up on-site if that can be arranged for future so it doesn't mark me as a flagger.
Or I can have the address changed.

Please let me know what I can do to further clear up any misunderstandings in order to help me gain my badges back.

Please and Thank you very much for your time.
I understand it may be a difficult job to deal with people like us,
but I really hope that you can make this exception and I will know in the future to not send 3 orders to the same house.

Thank you for your time
-David de Guzman


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