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[PA Comic] Friday, December 19, 2014 - Southron Swords, Part Three



  • geekoidgeekoid Registered User regular
    Comradebot wrote: »

    Aaaand now I'm never, ever getting a vasectomy.

    Pretty sure I'm dealing with "sympathy testicular terror" right now (terrorsticular or testiculterror, pick whichever).
    You do know that there will always be someone who always has issue with any surgical procedure, right? Million and million of Vasectomys are done without a problem.

    However, anyplace that doesn't give medication for the pain should be shut the fuck down.

    Now I will break machinery with my head!
  • RandomesqueRandomesque Registered User regular
    Biological reproduction is the real horror here. This is all 'by demons be driven' sort of stuff.

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