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    Tanks level fine soloing or dungeons. If you want to solo you give up some raw DPS for so much surviability you can take more mobs at once than a DPSer can so generally it works out to be a wash with thanks being basically as fast leveling wise for questing. Combined with instant queues whenever you are in the mood to do some dungeons.

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    The point is that low level dungeons don't really teach you to be a better tank, though. Stuff just dies way too fast.

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    I love how shouty warriors are now and how heavy their weapon hits feel.

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    Yeah but you don't level as a tank to learn things, you do it for those sweet sweet instant queues.

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    That's good to hear about Brewmastering. I was starting to think I had wasted my time leveling mine while doing some dungeon runs last night and feeling ineffective and squishy, especially compared to the protection warrior that I just took through ahead of the monk.
    Brewmaster literally has no base mitigation besides Stagger (35%, 45% with High Tolerance) and they're the only tank in the game like that. You're just a leather armor chump taking full damage minus the stagger mitigation which, you know, requires a charge to actually mitigate.

    Your artifact weapon, however, gives two important defensive options: Hot-Blooded and Dark Side of the Moon. The former is the most important, making your Breath of Fire reduce the damage dealt by ALL affected enemies by 6%. Moon is the same effect, but it's only the next auto-attack of a single target via Blackout Strike. With relics, Hot-Blooded can be boosted to 8-10% damage reduction, which is more mitigation.

    There's other things, like haste is now a top priority for tanks since most AM skills have their cooldowns reduced by it. Brewmasters get to double dip, as haste reduces the cooldown on our brews AND keg smash, which means even further cooldown reduction on our brews. This is not to say Brewmaster is perfect (I feel we have a lot of bad talent tiers, and we're particularly affected by "Legion Syndrome" where talent choices tend to be situational), but if you're not digging it right not then just wait until 110.

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