Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Hide and No Seek



  • WasamiWasami Registered User regular
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    Katie your comic is awesome, you're getting great reactions from people.

    @Xminusone seriously? Kids are abandoned and worse every day all over the world. Parents sell little kids into prostitution for fifty bucks and never see them again. This happens EVERYWHERE. Minnesota is a major hub for human trafficking. Google that shit.
    You'll find dead and raped kids tossed in the ditch. No one will investigate, it'll never show up in the news.
    Let's try to not be such sheltered egocentric 'Muricans .......

    almost feel like i should flag myself on this one, sorry for the negativity

    Wasami on
  • 4thstringer4thstringer Registered User new member
    This storyline is the best work you have done on this strip so far. So heartwrenching, keep it up.

  • StrikerObiStrikerObi Tallahassee, FLRegistered User regular
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    I'm loving this look back in time at the early days of the campers. I hope we get similar arcs for the others.

    StrikerObi on
  • ReiskaReiska Registered User regular
    Little cruel stories.

    This is true brutality.

  • Is this why after the first strip, Dear Mom, we jump right to "comic/23"? Are these the lost episodes? Look: --> ...

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    There's supposed to be two(?) new storylines in the book. Maybe that's in case they decide to upload them at a later date.

  • Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    I actually wrote an essay on this arc for my Developmental Psychology paper an got an A plus. :)

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