Trying to find an old flash game

Space PickleSpace Pickle Registered User regular
I'm looking for a 2D shooter that I used to play on I was completely monochrome and your guy had a grey block body, a white head, and two disembodied white hands. You moved through a level and picked up guns and shot other block guys. One of the enemies was Jesus and he could fly around.

It had an opening cinematic where your character was going to eat a pie, and then he opens the pie box and instead of a pie there is note from the evil sheriff that says "no pie for you!"

The closest game I can find is thing thing, but it isn't thing thing.


  • NathrakNathrak Registered User regular
    Madness Interactive

    Local H Jay
  • Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    Nathrak wrote: »
    Madness Interactive

    This has got to be it, I loved that game as a kid. The game was based on a series of flash animations under the Madness name. The game blew my mind as a kid, all those mini games kept me busy for hours.

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