D.C. area folks: birthday night out reccomendations?

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Howdy H&A,

I snagged a job interview with some place really cool in the DC area and it happens to be on my birthday (by which i mean i already had the day reserved off at work and the job was compelling enough to go for it despite it being my b-day). I have some relatives over there who i'll be seeing on Saturday, but Friday night i want to hang out with some grad school friends who moved there after graduation, but i'm unfamiliar with the area. I lived there for a semester, but A) that was 6 years ago and B) it was near J-street Northeast, and i'm staying somewhere on 6th street Northwest.

For dinner I want some tapas or something like it, and that I don't think i'll have a hard time looking up myself, but afterwards I want a nice bar or club to go to with my friends, or just an area where a lot of those things are so that we can go around and take our pick.

What are good streets to try in a 1 mile radius of there or so?


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    Zaytinya sounds like it'd be about perfect. It's (IMO) the best tapas place in that area and has a variety of bars and clubs inside a few blocks from it.

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    Assuming you're in Chinatown Quid nailed it.

    If you're further north, you'll probably want to head to the 14th St Corridor/U St. Estadio and Tico are both good, and U St. has a ton of clubs/bars.

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    I enjoy Echostage for late night bassdroppy goodness.

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    I would recommend Jaleo and Oyamel over Zaytinya personally, all three are by the same chef with different themes, Spanish, Mexican, and Mediterranean respectively. Mandu is a great Korean place though it doesn't fit the tapas criteria. As far as bars go, Jackpot is great for a wide curated selection of beers and is in Chinatown.

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