Dish cleaner?

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Hello, I am just wondering if there is some type of dish cleaner/soap that can be mixed with water that I can have sit in a tub with the dishes and it will eat away the dried food. I am wondering this because I am wanting to use this for my dehydrator racks so that it I can try to avoid spending as much time having to clean each rack (I have dozen+ racks). The racks are plastic if that matters. Thank you for the help .=)

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  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    Half an hour in hot water and a little bit of dish soap should work just fine for that. You'll still need to manually scrub with a brush or scouring pad of some sort, probably.

    These are kind of similar to what I use, that's a large pack (you probably don't need 86 of them).

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    Short answer is no.

    Longer answer is with something like Star San and other acid-based sanitizers you might be able to get away with it aside from the concept of "dried food," and then only for metal (in most cases). Because you are using plastic, which is naturally porous, you will need to really scrub down things to actually get them clean.

  • knitdanknitdan Registered User regular
    If you're looking to de-gunk dehydrator trays I think PLC Cleaner is a better option than StarSan. Star San is more for sanitization, hence the name.

    PLC cleaner is used to clean beverage systems such as bar tap and kegging system and it's safe for plastic. Still need to rinse it well as it's fairly hazardous to ingest.

    You can buy it at most home brew shops.

    Honestly though, a good soak in hot soapy water should loosen pretty much anything on a plastic dehydrator tray.

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  • VishNubVishNub Registered User regular
    But there's probably no scrubbing free way to remove dried on food bits.

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