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Iron Finger!

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IRON FINGER - Mini Arcade Games (Free on iOS/Android)

After 18 months of development, I am proud to introduce to you guys:

Quick to play, Easy to learn, Hard to master!
Combination of fun arcade games that puts your tapping & swiping skills to the test.

Gameplay Trailer:

Now available to download for FREE!
App Store:
Google Play Store:

Game Features:
+ Arcade style games: Combination of challenging & fun mini games.
+ Simple intuitive gameplay controls.
+ Online leaderboards & achievements.
+ Built in multi-language support for all major countries.

Additional Information:
+ FREE to download with optional in-app purchases.
+ For the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.
+ Built and supported for most tablets and mobile phones.

Contact Information:
General Enquires: [email protected]
Business Enquiries: [email protected]

We have just soft launched this game & now looking for critical feedback.
Any critics will be greatly appreciated & will be more then happy to answer any questions :)

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