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Searching for a strip

krithkrith Registered User new member
Hello all.

I have registered in this board with the only purpose of finding help to search for a strip. I would have posted in the The Penny Arcade Hub or Strip Search forums, but apparently I cannot. A first question would be where could I ask for help in this.

I will describe the strip anyway, in case I am in the right board, or it is not too wrong. As far as I can remember, Gabe and Tycho are talking on a bench in a park, everything is very colorful, and they are discussing the time it takes to get or craft an armor in some game, possibly Skyrim, possibly some MMO, I don't know if the game is actually stated. The final sentence is something similar to "I wept in silence at the image of the time spent to get the armor", but it is much better worded, more poetic, and quite profound.

It is a very good strip, I hope you could help me to find it.

Thank you in advance.


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