Pax Aus 2016 cosplay

nick_soapdishnick_soapdish Registered User new member
Hello all,
This year I'm attempting to complete my first cosplay.
I have a 3 day pass, is there a 'cosplay day' at the event where I should wear the costume as opposed to any other day?

Any advice for how to cosplay at pax would be great.

Also, if this type of thread exists elsewhere please link me



  • UnReality CosplayUnReality Cosplay Registered User new member
    There's no official Cosplay event for Pax unlike Comic Con etc. however Cosplay is acceptable throughout the event. I attended my first Pax last year on the Friday and saw a few Cosplayers around although from the photos I've seen online, it appears more people may Cosplay on the weekend. I'll be Cosplaying on Friday this year for the first time, so long as a few essential items arrive in the mail in time!

    Hopefully this thread might be a good launching point to encourage others to talk about their plans and possibly stage a meet up. I'm hoping a favourite Cosplay photographer might show up on the day but I'm waiting to hear back from him.

    My only other bit of advice is to have a careful read of the rules regarding what you can and can't bring into the event. Any super-realistic weapons are going to be a problem, so err on the side of caution.

    Oh, and don't forget to have fun :)

  • nick_soapdishnick_soapdish Registered User new member
    Ahhhhh cool!
    I do recall cosplayers errywhere.

    I had a read of the weapon rules. Basically 'no Knives and stabbing weapons'

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