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Reapply a waterproof/grip layer to gloves?

RightfulSinRightfulSin Registered User regular

I have some cut resistant gloves that I use for work and they have a layer of rubber grip(or Nitrile) that is used for grip and to help make them waterproof. The layer has begun to fall apart and let water in when handling materials, but the gloves is still intact otherwise. Is there a method or product that would allow for the reapplication of this layer to the gloves while still allowing the gloves to be flexible like they should be?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has some experience with this sort of thing.

"If nothing is impossible, than would it not be impossible to find something that you could not do?" - Me


  • mtsmts Registered User regular

  • 143999143999 Tellin' ya not askin' ya, not pleadin' with yaRegistered User regular
    What's the replacement cost for the gloves?

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