Tennis Ninja: Pong + Ninjas [Android]

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I hope this post won't cause SPS.

I'm an indie game developer from a beautiful piece of land, located in far far East call Korea.

I won’t tell you weather I’m from North or South, so I can be bit more mysterious and fashionable.


Anyway, I always loved Pong. (and I always will)

It was my first video game experience and obviously it influenced and changed my life forever. Probably I’m writing this post right now because PONG somehow hybrid my fragile brain cells in my youth.

(Remember this?)


[Original PONG game play]

We recently released a new game call Tennis Ninja and we believe it's pretty fun.

This game has retro DNA but we made sure it's entertaining for both current and older generations.

It's free and you don't really have to watch AD to play this game.

Following are teaser trailer, download link and gameplay videos. And to salute the birth of original PONG’s release(it was Nov 29, 1972), we gonna have a free item giveaway campaign soon. I’ll make sure folks in this community get them.

I really hope you'll enjoy my version of Pong.

Teaser Trailer

Game Play Video

Download Link iOS coming soon…


Interesting Facts

- I heard Atari lawyers might sue me if I use the name PONG. I'm pretty scared.

- Original PONG was released in Nov 29, 1972

- There was a game call PONG Kombat 1994 and it's pretty lame. Don't watch the video.

- PONG’s inventor has a twitter account, although he hasn’t post anything since 2014. Maybe he moved to Instagram or something.



Game Title: Tennis Ninja Revenge of Pong

Platform: Android

Price: Free (with AD but you don't have to watch AD to enjoy this game)


. Super simple control, fast paced gameplay

. Full of unexpected magic skills and stunning fatalities

. Explore the hidden tennis courts of ancient Ninja clan

. Epic boss battle






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    8-)8-)8-)8-) Thanks TUBE!

  • yolofredyolofred I play games. I make games. Korea(South..duh)Registered User new member
    iOS version is coming soon!

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