Is Yung Lean genuinely good or am I part of a joke?

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I remember listening to this song a number of years ago. At first it was a 'ha ha, pokemon and arizona tea!'

But I keep coming back...and I still listen to Yung Lean pretty often. there some kind of viral joke I'm failing to see? Am I a mark? Or is this music genuinely good on a fundamental level?


  • HeraldSHeraldS Registered User regular
    You might just be a sadboi emotionalboi. In that case there's nothing you can do but bob your head and drink some Arizona iced tea. Make sure to rock that bucket hat too.

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  • FoomyFoomy Registered User regular
    Lots of people enjoy "objectively bad" things.

    If you like it, than you like it, just have your fun and stop worrying.

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    Yung Lean is definitely serious, he's not like a giant joke or anything. He's not particularly good but his style has come together a few times with above average results

    maybe i'm streaming terrible dj right now if i am its here
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    You like what you like. If you enjoy that, check out Bones and $uicideboys

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    it's not some sort of viral joke or parody, but it's not good either; my recent least favorite trend in hip hop has been acts trying to mimic odd future et al with little of the creativity and none of the production value

    not everybody's a snob like me though, so if you like it might as well listen to it

    (maybe skip their videos though, that one certainly was... something)

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