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Cannot remove user from ignore list

WybornWyborn GET EQUIPPEDRegistered User regular
A bit ago I decided to empty out my ignore list, since most of it was years old and also I figure I can handle reading people's posts without screaming at them.

One person on my ignore list I am completely unable to take off. Every time I click "Unignore" I get the little Unignore confirmation, and when I click "OK" I get the transluscent lightbulb pop-up in the lower left corner that informs me "You can't ignore that person."

I have tried doing it from my ignore list, from their profile, etc. I have also tried ignoring other people, then unignoring this person. Still nothing.

This has happened on multiple browsers, multiple machines, multiple operating systems.

I didn't bring it up before now because I thought it was funny.

Wyborn on


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