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360 Headset/Microphone Woes

SorensonSorenson Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So I recently picked up a 360, and since I really don't want to spring for an HDTV I've got it running through this nice Chimei LCD monitor I picked up a few months ago and piping the audio through this big entertainment router thing my brother had to a pair of headphones. This setup has been working very splendidly - for offline gaming, anyway.

After a week of mucking around offline, I finally started using my free month of Live, and so far the experience has been pleasant, the standard fare of idiots everybody runs into aside. Unfortunetily, the way I've got my audio set up makes it a pain to make use of voice chat - right now I wrap the headset around my neck twisted to the right as far as it'll go, but this is obviously far from comfortable. Since incoming voice is going straight to the headphones, all I really need is the mic, and so I've been tempted to do a literal hack job and see if I can seperate the actual delicates away from the rest of the casing and then prop/tie/tape/whatever the little speaker/microphone assembly into a comfortable and usable position.

I guess it comes down to three questions, then:

A) What's the closest point I can cut the microphone/speaker bit away from the headset without damaging it? If anyone for whatever reason has a cutaway diagram of the whole thing, that'd be great.

B) Is there an external microphone-only controller plug-in I can use in the headset's place so I don't have to mess around with the headset?

C) Are there any not-too-complicated ways to get a regular standalone microphone/headset working? I've got a seperate gaming headset for my PC, and I wouldn't mind swapping the 360's headphones for that.

Sorenson on


  • BartholamueBartholamue Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    You can just buy the wireless 360 headset, but it's rather expensive. Is that an option?

    Bartholamue on
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  • SorensonSorenson Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    ~$50-60 for what is essentially an asthetic fix is a bit too much for me to drop, and the last wireless set I used left me less than satisfied. The under-ear headset's wierd control placement is also a turn-off, so AFAIK I'm stuck with tinkering with the bundled one.

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