I need help finding a webcomic I read last year

Kigs32Kigs32 Registered User new member

It's driving me crazy!!
Full page, coloured comic with quite sophisticated art. No anthropomorphic characters and not cutesy.
A group of maybe 6 teenagers from different "countries' are chosen and have a specific weapon?
There's a boy that's a mermaid thing, a winged boy, a kind of vampire dude and later on, a blind girl with a staff.
No one believed the blind girls race existed anymore, if ever.
They all end up together in a giant house where they train for something, to be champions or the champion, the house ends up attacked and they run off to some ramshackle shack potentially near the ocean. The vampire guy and a girl have a bit of a romance and I think the winged guy and merman have a thing too.
That's where it ended last time I read it.
I believe it started with an "A"


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