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  • CaptainPeacockCaptainPeacock Board Game Hoarder Top o' the LakeRegistered User regular
    Pandemic Legacy, April update:
    This was a more intense month than previous. We had many bad luck outbreaks, though thankfully in isolated places that hadn't had an outbreak before. Knowing the objective rules now, we slid into eradicating yellow (now called Itchy-Foot-itis) and then had to struggle for red and blue cards. Once the Faded rules came into play, we made sure to keep the Middle East on quarantine lockdown. Thankfully only Cairo turned and became ground zero. We'll see the significance of that in months to come, I'm sure.

    Upgrades we took were a character upgrade for the Quarantine Specialist to become a pilot and curing yellow now doesn't require a station.

    Cluck cluck, gibber gibber, my old man's a mushroom, etc.
  • Custom SpecialCustom Special Registered User regular
    Finally got to play Scythe tonight! Four player game, definitely a lot for everyone to take in to learn it. Overall a pretty evenly played game (except for one player making some bad plays early that set him back), I ended up winning by 15 points with high popularity and making a power move on the last turn to control territories and force the final star with a fight (we both had 5 stars, so either of us winning ended the game).

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  • iguanacusiguanacus Desert PlanetRegistered User regular
    Magic Pink wrote: »
    iguanacus wrote: »
    Magic Pink wrote: »
    mine still hasn't even moved

    12 days with a tracking number!

    Same. It's probably karma for something.

    oh come on I barely killed those people

    My copy came in today and it is absolutely ginormous. It'll keep till the weekend when I get time to really tear into it and go through the rules and punch out all the chits but I'm looking forward to getting this some plays in the near-ish future.

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