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Tweeps Unite: The PAX East 2017 Twitter-ers List

punziepunzie Cookie PimpRegistered User regular
edited March 2017 in PAX East
I am stealing this from Zerzhul, who used to compile the PAX Twitter lists. Copy/paste, commence:

Twitter is a handy tool for keeping up with PAX lines, announcements, friends and giveaways. Although connections are often spotty in the convention center, Twitter is an easy media to access, and you can even have feeds sent as SMS to your cell phone to avoid data charges or the need for a smartphone.

I'll be keeping this thread and the lists updated on a fairly regular basis, so if you have suggestions on what needs to be here, or would like your handle to be added to the attendees list for PAX East 2017, post away!

Disclaimer: Twitter accounts that are obviously not personal accounts will not be added to the attendee list. This is not the place to plug your blog or your game site, this is the place to connect personally with other attendees through this social medium.

I've posted to be added to the list, but the most recent update went by and I wasn't added... what gives?
If I've made a mistake, please PM me.

Can I sign up my friend or significant other if I know their twitter account?
No, they should sign themselves up if they want to be on the list. This is opt-in, and everyone should be given the chance to opt-in on their own.

Why am I making a new thread for each PAX and not just keeping one giant list?
Mainly because this specific attendee list is designed so that people going to the current PAX can get to know each other before the show, and so that tweets during the show on that list will be topical. This also allows the list to be always easily opt-in. After this pax is over, if you never want to be on another PAX list again, there's nothing you need to do! Nobody has to go back after 3 years and say "you know I'd really like to be taken off the 1000 person PAX list". If you really like the tweets of particular people on the list, follow them individually (I go through and follow lots of people right after a PAX is over), or keep your own PAX list of awesome PAX attendees, or just make all my lists into one giant list.

This account holding these lists resides here: @paxcommunity ... this account will often retweet various pax or pax forum related things. Not on the list since a list can't follow its owner :(

Non-attendee lists and the hashtags are now kept updated on the Twitter PAX Community Wiki Page. Everything here except for the attendee list will be a link to the wiki page, and I'll edit (or others can edit) that page for things like additional hashtags and whatnot.

PAX Official Twitters and Important (some Unofficial) Department Feeds for During the Show (List HERE)

PAX Staff: Folks from PA and Reed Pop, those who make PAX go (List HERE)

Community Twitters (most people follow them individually. Due to popular demand, List HERE)

Hashtags To Know
Hashtags serve as a method of connecting conversations on twitter between people that may not be following each other. This is a great way to follow along with certain events that are ongoing during PAX. Head the the hashtag link to see what's there :)

Attendees (List HERE) - Post to be added to the list (your tweets must be public to be viewable via the list)
List behind spoiler, because it will get long.
@sewingpunzie - punzie
@hazelhalfblood - hazelhalfblood
@canderson1989 - canderson1989
@ClannMorgan - ClannMorgan
@Miker525 - Miker525
@Magnus_Carter - MagnusCarter
@PurpleBek - PurpleBek
@TemigGaming - Temig
@vermillionde - vermillionde
@TheAnarCHris - AnarCHris
@loonyeclipse - loonyeclipse
@ScoJoMo - ScoJoMo
@Motx24 - Motx21
@INQUlSlTOR - RoxasBlade
@sfford2008 - sfford2008
@TopherXPwns - TopherRocks
@zaprobo - zap-robo
@TheOnlyMephisto - MephistoN7
@TashfeenB - BinaryTB
@Tristan388 - Tristan3
@Jer1ch0 - Jer1ch0
@BigdumbHippy - BigdumbHippy

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