Iphone Photo import issues/Photo Management software

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Hi folks,

I'm having some challenges importing and deleting photos from my iphone 5 to a PC running Win 7.

What I want to do is import the photos and then delete them off the phone. I've been using Windows Photo Gallery to try and do this, and the import part works fine but it doesn't seem to be able to delete them off the phone. Unfortunately, this is a work issued phone so it has a crappy 16gb of storage, and I have a toddler so I'm always running out of storage.

Is this a permissions issue? Something I should adjust in itunes, or use a different or better photo manager?

Any recommendations on photo management software? I've got some experience with Irfanview, and I've got iphones and olympus and sony cameras we use as well.



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    Honestly, Google Photos is free up to 16gb and it's super useful. There's a toggle to auto backup any and all photos, and also a button to free up space by deleting any backed up photos for you. I don't use iPhone so can't comment there.

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