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    Time paradoxes happen whether we want them to or not so we might as well embrace the death of causality and burn its remains as fuel on our journey through the cosmoseseses.

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    ~ Central Pokecenter Building ~ :whistle:

    More recently remodeled than the Pokecenters located at the north and south ends of Lumiose, the Central Pokecenter has acquired (at what one could assume to be a truly outrageous cost, in this city) the adjacent lots to the original building. Following the current trend of consolidating businesses apt to appreciate trainer foot traffic, the restructured building resembles less the hospital cafe of its forebears and more a kind of upperclass, multi-level shopping center.

    The actual Pokecenter itself takes up a relatively small storefront, albeit front and center of the fountain'd and stone-pathway'd courtyard, which is currently playing to its intended purpose of competing with Prism Tower as the default meeting place of Lumiose for Trainers. From the looks of the people walking or waiting with their Pokemon, you suspect some of these are locals who must have had a day or two headstart to reach Lumiose from the usual starting place for Kalos League Challengers in Santalune City. A further clue being that in addition to moderately well-behaved starters, you can see quite a few trainers making their first attempts to further befriend, or simply bribe with treats, a recalcitrant new ally or two.

    If you were looking for ideas about what kind of Pokemon might be available by retracing these trainers' steps, or were interested in asking about more regional events and happenings, these might be friendly folks to chat with.

    To either side of the actual Pokecenter, and lining the gallery levels above, are other institutions and businesses hoping to capitalize on easy access to traveling trainers and other Pokemon enthusiasts. Pokeshops, grooming centers, Pokemon-friendly cafes, organic-all-natural vitamin and nutrition supply. It almost seems like, and it is certainly the intended impression that, you wouldn't need to travel anywhere else in the City to get what a journeying trainer needs to keep themselves and their allies happy and at their best.

    ~ Looker Bureau ~ :whistle:

    Just visible on the corner of one of the alleyways north of Rouge Plaza, the Looker Bureau is an unassuming and old fashioned looking establishment, verified by the presence of an engraved brass plate out front that labels it as such, with the addition of "Emma and Co.", "Information, Investigations, Retrieval", and "Battles By Arrangement".

    Pushing open the unlocked door, you can tell a great deal of effort has gone into satisfying the expectations of any visitors. The wood paneling and furniture, half-drawn blinds, metal cabinets, and somewhat smoky scent to the air all evoke the sense that your entrance is about to be cynically announced in harsh metaphors and drawling 50's slang, slightly mellowed by world-weariness and whiskey.

    It's possible all this is supposed to offset the reality of the actual detective on duty at the main desk, who is not a chainsmoking, balding man in his 40s but rather an attentive woman in her late teens, smartly dressed in a button up shirt and skirt with a trench coat thrown over top. Accompanied by a fluffy grey Pokemon with unnerving eyes, she stands to greet you.

    "Welcome to the Looker Bureau" she says, solemn and serious beyond her years. "How can we help you today?"

    We can get a start on Route 4 too, if people are ready for that level of time paradoxing

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    Jim pauses to take in the view of the Pokemon Center, and is abruptly shoved aside as other trainers hurry in and out of the busy place. He heads over to the counter and hands Eli's Pokeball, marked by a minute purple flame above the button, to the attending nurse. While Eli gets a quick check-up, he heads upstairs to make his purchases at the Mart.

    Perusing rows of custom balls and various other trainer standbys, he grabs a foursome of basic Faradays (only the very best Pokeballs!) and a pair of Kalosian Potions. It's rather a surprise that things are actually cheaper here than in Alola, but then again they also don't have to be shipped or flown over from the mainland.

    Handing payment to the man behind the counter, he returns to wait for Eli. A few minutes later, the nurse returns with a cheerful Litwick in tow.

    With his business done, Jim decides to do a bit of an investigation. Surely there's a plethora of knowledge amongst all the trainers around here. He works his charm, shaking hands, making small talk, and keeping an ear to the ground for (or inquiring about) rumors of rare or powerful Pokemon in the area. He also keeps an eye out for any trainers buying some serious hardware like Ultra Balls.
    Gonna drop a Network token here to get some rumors regarding rare Pokemon.

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    ~At the Lab~

    "Lumoise sounds amazing, but Al is probably right. If we're gonna really put up a challange for this League, we're probably best off sending tomorrow training and making our way towards an easie- I mean, more beginner friendly gym. It's probably a good idea to look for some new friends as well!", Alex states as he continues hugging and tossing more 'doofs into their pen. The static on the last one zaps him a bit, but he is seemingly unaffected as he hugs it just a little harder than the others. As he stands up, (presumably) Pidgey approaches him with a happy chitter. He picks her (probably?) up and sets her on his shoulder, her new weight giving him only a little trouble.

    "I can't believe that you have time to breed all of these buddies yourself, Professor? Where do you find the time? Also, I don't suppose you're hiring?"


    "God, this place is busy, huh? Nothing like the centers in Hoenn", Alex comments to his companions as he passes Pidgey, safely tucked away into their ball, over to the Nurse.

    He takes a look around, scanning interesting Pokémon with his 'dex and generally getting a feel for what the other trainers in the center are packin'.

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    I shall maek poast tonight, hopefully after some conferring with Marsh via IRC.

    If Tiamatz is around then too, maybe we can hash out the jog there and post here to hasten the onset of Santalune Sojourns.

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    After depositing Moriarty at the Pokecenter, Beatrix made her way to the designated building. Prof. Sycamore’s assistant gladly sent the coordinates of her destination via her Dex. A good thing too, when she realised far too late after leaving the Labs to ask for an address to the Bureau. She didn't want Moriarty's cocky attitude to sour relations with the other detectives here. Who knows WHAT trouble she'd find herself into if the Murkrow started a fight with one of their partners...

    With her ally in good, caring hands, she zipped through the busy and bustling streets towards her goal. Though bereft of a guardian, she nonetheless felt safe in the confines of this vast metropolis. Not that she needed any protection. I'm a big girl now, Arceus damn it! Anyone looking to string this dame along... better be ready when I aim to cut loose on 'em.

    When she arrived at the corner, she had to do a double check on the address. Finally satisfied that it was not indeed a prank (the engravings on the brass plate pretty much sealed it), she pulls out her notepad and starts writing:

    “An old building poignantly stands within this bustling modern city, nestled between it's concrete brothers, the forefront for all things Interpol within the borders of Kalos. Juxtaposed by its progressive neighbours, it was quite a remarkable sight. Whereas Sycamore Labs embraced the inevitable rise of modernism, the structure that hosts the local law and order ironically seems to be rebellious of its surroundings. Not that it was a bad thing; it felt more honest in its presentation. To a wanderer such as our heroine, Sycamore labs’ appearance was that of a scientific businessman: one willing to forego some formalities, but nonetheless wanted to talk shop if it meant progress towards a mutual transaction. This abode though felt more like a conservative and old-fashioned confidante: One who you know won't ever change their ways, but would nonetheless share a drink or two as you traded stories of the old days. Unperturbed though, our heroine makes her way into its interior, eager to discovering the identity of those who subdue and enforce the Kalos’ underworld…”

    The interior was something to behold though. To a reader such as Beatrix, it felt like walking into one of her noir novels. You know… the ones that always start inside the protagonist’ office, awaiting that big case that could change their very lives. What really did surprise her was the tenant herself. Not that it should, considering her mother was an Interpol agent, but with digs such as this place…

    That’s how all the greatest and most cliche noir stories start out, right? “I knew this dame was trouble the minute she walked into my office?” Well, how does that work when you’re walking into HER office?

    She was easy on the eyes, that much is sure. However, her demeanour looked like she’s seen the hard life early in her years. I can safely deduct that this must be Emma. She can’t be all bad, if Prof. Sycamore holds her in such high regard. Kind of refreshing to be working with another woman. Still, I don’t see Looker anywhere. You would figure a place called the Looker Bureau would have the head honcho somewhere around. Probably on assignment somewhere. Guess that makes her the top brass here.

    The other tenant though…well... They say it’s the big scary ones you gotta watch out for, but in my experience… it’s the small, quiet ones that are the most dangerous. Must be her partner in all of this… I wonder if my Pokedex can shine some info on…

    “Can we help you?” the woman who may or may not be Emma repeated herself. Beatrix shook herself from her train of thought. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sadly, I can only get to a hundred and seventy or so.” She blurted. Emma merely looks at her. Way to play it Bogart, Beat… Good thing your still starting out. If you'd been a hotshot detective, I'd ask even myself for our badge and get out of this office.

    “Wha…what I meant to say was… sorry about all that.” She uttered out embarrassingly. “Bea…Beatrix Spencer, Junior Detective, fresh from Unova, potential future Interpol agent, writer hobbyist… and upcoming Pokemon League challenger…at your service! Was in the middle of the neighbourhood, so to speak. Prof. Sycamore advised I pay everyone here at the Looker Bureau a visit. And as one detective to another, didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes… so to speak. Err… maybe we can talk more over some tea or coffee? ” she answers awkwardly.

    Beatrix scans the office with her eyes, hoping to find some clues as to help her out find some common ground between her and Emma (& Co.). Gotta salvage this first impression somehow.
    Knowledge token to find some Awareness within the room. Maybe find something in common with Emma.

    Kay wrote: »
    I shall maek poast tonight, hopefully after some conferring with Marsh via IRC.

    If Tiamatz is around then too, maybe we can hash out the jog there and post here to hasten the onset of Santalune Sojourns.

    That on Rizon, right? Probably won't be on tonight (Got a Tomb of Sargeras WoW Raid planned with my guildies), though I am free tomorrow night though.

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    Hey @Marshmallow - if I were to heal the Rockruff up, then take it someplace open (Magenta Plaza, by the canal?) and try some bonding with it, how would things go? Just so I can write up a post in completeness so it's all done if I can't find you around. Al would also be researching the Rockruff's favorite taste, and picking up a couple of poffins or berries that match it to help the process.

    Flavour stuff, in case it's relevant:
    Attack boosting natures like Spicy, Attack reducing natures dislike it. (Hence Volnoy liking Cheri Berries, they're the base 'spicy' fruit.)
    Defense boosting like Sour.
    Sp.Atk boosting like Dry.
    Sp.Def boosting like Bitter.
    Speed boosting like Sweet.

    I figure this is basic stuff that an Ace Trainer would know, especially with some Knowledge? If it takes a token expenditure, let me know.

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    ~ Sycamore Labs ~

    "Thank you so much with the Bidoof," the Professor says gratefully. "I have quite a few assistants to help with the projects, these days, though a few less at the moment while we explore some options in other regions." He regards the inquiring Alex with a steady gaze.

    "While we aren't quite looking to expand yet, if you were to check back after you finish with your Leagure Challenge I'm confident I could find the time to give you an interview and see where you might fit in, if you are still interested" he promises.

    ~ Central Pokecenter ~
    Jim, Alex

    Jim's charisma stands him in good stead with the trainer crowd, and he comes away from the fraternizing with a few fellow challengers who don't mind sharing their contact info, in case they might want to collaborate or share any info in the future.

    The consensus among those he asks seems to be that most evolved or particularly powerful Pokemon in the nearby area are usually transported by a Ranger to a more remote Route, the better to protect the safety of the trainers just starting out on your journey. For the unusually lucky trainer (or unlucky, as may be the case if you're not up to the challenge of a particularly strong foe), Jim gets a variety of suggestions of what might constitute a good find in the nearby area, from Gible to Gastly, Abra to Aron.

    At least one trainer seems enthusiastic about talking about the kinds of Legendary Pokemon that might reveal themselves to a trainer with a great destiny on the start of their journey, but his compatriots roll their eyes and tell him to 'shush with his Myther nonsense' before he can really get into the subject.

    Alex roams around, letting his Pokedex gather data about the variety of Pokemon wandering around with their trainers. There's a few of what Kalos hands out as starter Pokemon these days, Fennekin, Froakie, Chespin... As well as perennial mainstays of trainerhood like Growlithe and Meowth, and the starters more commonly found in other regions. There's also at least one other trainer here with a Rockruff, likely courtesy of Professor Sycamore's budding program. Popular Pokemon that appear to be more recent captures are mostly Ledyba, with the occasional Skitty, Budew, or Flabebe.

    ~ Looker Bureau ~

    Desperately searching for something to help further break the ice, Beatrix does notice that the bookshelf back against the wall has quite a few adventure novels and detective stories with titles she recognizes, perhaps they might share an interest in that kind of titillating, though admittedly sometimes idealistic literature? Scattered among these are some manuals and textbooks she definitely recognizes as the Junior Detective unofficial reading list, not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect on a seasoned detective's shelf, so perhaps they could have some common ground in recently learning the basics, if she can put it across in a way that doesn't seem rude or presumptuous.

    "Junior Detective, huh?" the woman replies. "Well then," she continues, offering her hand to shake. "Name's Emma. Chief Detective or Head Detective or whatever you'd call it. Not that big a deal with how slow things are these days." she gestures to the side of the room, where there's some seats and a stained, peeling table. "I'll put the kettle on if you wanna take a seat."

    Now that she's speaking more casually, Beatrix can definitely pick out a faint Unovan accent. Perhaps that might be another avenue to make a connection or two with the fellow detective.


    I'm on a three day vacation starting today, so I'll be around.

    Also neat how Terr is using a Network to get information, and Tiamat is using a Knowledge to influence someone. Compare to Disc using a Mobility to evade a painful situation. Stuff can get pretty flexible with the right rationalizing.

    Kay: Pulling up the Pokedex team entry on the Rockruff would get Aleksandr...

    Species: Rockruff
    Type: Rock/Ground
    Loyalty: Friendly
    Demeanor: Excitable
    Need: Playtime
    Quirk: Doesn't know the difference between battles and playtime.
    Weak: Ice, Grass, Steel, Water
    Resist: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ground, Poison, Rock
    Sand Attack [Status/Ground/Harass (At,SA)]
    Smack Down [Physical/Rock/Harass (Sp)]
    Stamina: 7
    HP - 3 At - 3 Df - 3
    Sp - 1 SA - 1 SD - 1
    Assists: [Burrow], [Strong]

    The Rockruff isn't unruly, it's just very excitable and has trouble figuring out the difference between playtime and battletime, so it has a tendency to be too rough when playing and too easygoing when battling. Bonding would go fine, assuming Aleksander can keep control of the Puppy Pokemon, which he probably should be able to as an Ace Trainer, even if it's a lot stronger than its slight frame would imply.

    Flavor preferences may very well be within an Ace Trainer's wheelhouse, but you'd have to decide how that meshes with the "Demeanor" system (or you could compare this Rockruff's stats to the typical game Rockruff's and see if it matches any canon Nature that you can work off of).

    Or you can just trial and error it. Berries ain't expensive.

    (Also Sycamore would have mentioned the Rockruff currently has no nickname, as that's reserved for its actual trainer, assuming he can get one for it. Didn't notice Al asking until after the last post was written.)

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    ~ Magenta Plaza, by the Canal ~

    Away from the rest of the group, with only Volnoy to hear, Aleksandr reverts to his native tongue. "According to this," he tells the Buizel, "This Rockruff is just as strong as you, physically, and tougher. But you are much, much faster." Volnoy rolls his eyes in response, and grumbles, as usual. "So there is plenty you could teach it, and you have much more discipline in a battle. This Puppy seemed to treat it all as a game."

    Aleksandr then points towards one of the benches by the water, and trots in that direction, rolling the Rockruff's Pokéball between his fingertips. He reaches into his pocket with his other hand, and lays a few berries on the bench once he gets there - some Cheri berries, Volnoy's spicy favorite, a couple of Rawst berries, Volnoy's least favorite, and a sweet Pecha berry or two. Then, he releases the newly healed Rockruff.

    The rock-dog stands still for a moment, sniffing at the air, then turns towards trainer and Buizel. "Ruff!" it barks, before bouncing up and down on its front paws for a moment. Then, head down, tail wagging, it adopts a pose familiar to both. Playtime!

    Al takes a Rawst berry, and offers it towards the Rockruff on his flat palm. "C'mon, want a berry?" he asks, warmly - tone is always important when interacting with a 'mon, and Al knows it. "Have a taste, go on!"

    The Professor's unruly hound stays in its 'about to play!' pose for a moment, then shuffles forwards, snuffling at the berry. Volnoy pulls a face as the Rockruff takes it, perhaps a little roughly. For a moment. Then it spits out the half-chewed berry and tilts its head to one side with an inquisitive whine. The Buizel stares a moment, points, then laughs, patting his own chest with one hand while jabbing the other paw at the Rockruff, an excited barrage of 'Bui!' and 'Zel!' accompanying the gestures. The Rockruff takes this as an invitation, and leaps at Volnoy, landing solidly atop him with both forepaws. It proceeds to lick the struggling Sea Weasel's face.

    Aleksandr laughs himself, then reaches out to tug on one of the Rockruff's neck spikes, pausing to feel the rough - and sometimes sharp - edges of the rocky protruberance. He tries another berry, this time a Cheri, holding it out while mumbling gently to the excitable Pokémon.

    Sniff. Sniff sniff. Lick.

    The Rockruff then gently takes the berry between its lips, before scarfing it down sharply. Volnoy manages to wriggle out from beneath it while it seems distracted.

    "It likes your favorite," Al points out, rubbing the Rockruff between its ears while getting a Pecha berry to try on for size. "Good taste, huh? And it's strong, like you. Makes sense," the Sinnohan muses. The Pecha berry disappears with almost as much enthusiasm, and the puppy pushes its nose at Al's face and hands, looking for more treats, before starting to bounce on its paws again. "Likes sweet ones, too. Potential for good speed," Aleksandr continues, before the Rockruff hops up on its hind legs, putting both paws on the trainer's shoulders. It barks, twice, then attempts a playful headbutt, staggering the blonde youth.

    Volnoy responds by squirting a jet of water directly at the Rock-type's ear.

    It turns, glee evident on its canine features.

    A playmate has returned.

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    ~ Looker Bureau ~

    “Thank you, Chief Detective Emma. I'd be delighted” The young detective nods. As she makes herself to the side of the room, she slides past the bookcase, hoping to find anything of interest there. It’s full of books I know of, she thought to herself. From textbooks, classical literature, to even a few spy and detective thrillers. She notices a few of the more classical ones, just from the more recognizable spines she used to read from (after smuggling them from her father’s own literary bookshelf, of course).

    The Houndoom of the Baskervilles. Old man and the Seadra. The Maltese Talonflame. Sandy Shrew: Mystery at the Old Chateau.

    Some were obscure even to her knowledge. The Brothers Karrablastov. The girl with the Dragonair tattoo. In the Petalburg Woods. The Noctowl’s Calling.

    The list went on. She also notices many textbooks she recognised as she was studying on becoming a detective. Things like investigations, crimes and forensics, legal and law manuals, surveillance techniques, lock picking, and even some that were quite odd. Like bodyguarding and one on… adoption? Beatrix wondered if she could borrow some of them. Brush up on the basics, so to speak. Then again, why would a Head Detective of the Kalos region have only the basics here? Seems odd.

    “I noticed some Junior Detective guidebooks on that bookshelf over there? I take it you’ve trained quite a lot of young detectives for the agency?” She asks as she takes a seat, awaiting Emma. The strange, fluffy and unnerving eyes was still staring at her, and Beatrix had to admit it started to feel awkward.

    Guess I should have brought Moriarty along. He’d be able to break the ice around here…

    “Begging your pardon, but was that an Unovan accent I heard earlier? You from Unova? Or were you raised by Unovan parents, who moved to Kalos for a new life?” she asked Emma, genuinely curious.

    Awaiting on her answers in the meantime, she pulls out her Dex and tries to scan the little fluffball. "Hope you don't mind if I do this?" She asks the grey little feline Pokemon.

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    All my typing time has been taken up doing job applications :'(
    I intend to post some shopping shenanigans at some point.

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    ~ Magenta Plaza, by the Canal ~

    Record scratch. Freeze frame. Zoom on the water dripping from the Rockruff's whiskers. The focus shifts, showing a defiant, yet slightly apprehensive Buizel beyond the Puppy Pokémon.

    Yeah, that's me, Volnoy. The Buizel that might just have bitten off more than he can chew. Looks like it's playtime all over again.

    There's an ecstatic bark, and Aleksandr is buffeted against the bench by an exuberantly wagged rock-studded tail. Volnoy, however, is accosted by the exceptionally enthusiastic front end of the Rockruff, teeth, tongue, BARKS and all. The initial lunge catches him somewhat by surprise, but another perfectly placed squirt of water to the as-yet unnamed Rockruff's eyes gives him a little space to breathe. He reaches out to 'tag' the Puppy's nose, and ducks a two-pawed 'boop' aimed at his own in return. Dust and grit puff outward from the paving as those strong paws connect with the ground.

    "Volnoy," Al warns, "It's not an enemy." The Sinnoh trainer pushes himself to his feet, and retrieves a couple of berries from the bench. Volnoy answers with a low 'bui,' and a grin that says he knows exactly what he's doing.

    The two dance and spar, but the well-trained Buizel is always a fraction of a step ahead. Once he finds his rhythm, the Sea Weasel is fast, and there's no denying it. Plumes of dust erupt around the Plaza, only to be turned to mud by founts of water, darkening the paving in the area. The Rockruff throws itself to the ground, and scoots up towards Volnoy on its back, pawing at the air and barking playfully, wriggling around in the mud. Volnoy reaches down to pat the Puppy Pokémon's nose...

    ...and a set of strong jaws close on that paw. The bite is obviously not meant to harm, but the dog is STRONG and just doesn't seem to realise this. There's some playful growling, some playful tussling, and some near-painful tugging of rock-hard teeth on orange arm. Volnoy grits his teeth and scoops a pawful of mud up, slapping it against his trapped arm. He then manages to twist, throw himself over the Rockruff's recumbent form, using the slick goop to slide free, just as Aleksandr intervenes.

    The Trainer interposes himself bodily between Buizel and Rockruff, just as the canine 'mon starts to scrabble excitedly to its feet. It attempts to dash past Aleks, towards Volnoy again, but Al wraps an arm around its chest and strains to pull it back.

    "Hey," he says, sternly. "Stop that, stop right now. Calm down."

    The Rockruff pauses, then surges past the youth, stopped at the last moment as Aleksandr manages to throw both arms around its shoulders, bruising himself on the sharp rocks amongst the fur. There's a surprised bark, and the Rockruff turns, scraping another stone past Al's cheek on the way. It stops, tilts its head, then leans in to lick at the grazed skin, wagging its tail hopefully.

    "Calm down," Al repeats, digging the fingers of one hand into the rocky ruff around the canine's shoulders, while offering up one of the berries it seemed to like earlier with the other hand. "Stop means stop, you're too rough," he continues, as the Rockruff scarfs down the berries with as little time devoted to chewing them as possible.

    Volnoy just flops onto his back, and moves his limbs up and down, making something close to a mud-angel on the ground. His twin tails slap against the sodden dust. He's a little more brown than orange after this.
    I'm going to say Al's spent a Knowledge Token on his initial 'research' into what the Rockruff might like, and then a Physical Token to manhandle it without getting more than a bruise and scrape, if that seems right. I'll throw up the last section here (including a bit of training for the pair of them!) either later tonight, or tomorrow, depending on how fast the thread moves.

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    ~Central Pokécenter~

    Browsing through his updated Pokédex, Richter makes his way to a likely looking shop that matches one on the list of Trainer accepting businesses.
    The bell jingles as Richter enters the shop.

    "Welcome to Joe's Emporium. We've got cheap stuff.", a clearly bored young man intones from the counter.
    "How much for this?", Richter immediately replies.
    "Sir, that is a draft stopping snake. We don't sell draft stopping snakes.", the young man states, as the slight glimmer of hope that had appeared when someone who wasn't ten entered, quickly drains back into his well-trained face.
    "Ah, well, hmm. I will look around some more then."
    "Sir, so long as you don't steal stuff, I don't care what you do."

    First things, first.
    Richter pulls into the Pokéball aisle.
    Picking up the nearest Pokéball, he gives it a once-over.
    "Faraday's... That's a bit on the nose isn't it?"
    North grunts in agreement.

    Walking down the line, Richter sizes up the range.
    Largely the balls appear to be differentiated by function, not form.
    "Then how do people not confuse... oh", Richter picks up a thin package, "Pokéball decals".
    Flicking through the Pokédex, Richter quickly figures out his price range, and then stocks up on some nondescript but functional imported Silph balls.
    Great Balls. Export Quality.

    There's a crinkling of plastic as the attendant struggles to stay asleep.
    "Sir, the decals are not free. Usually you pay for them and then use them."
    He sighs as he's forced to open his eyes to serve the young man.
    "Oh, well, in that case I'll take these Pokéballs, the decals and this Pokédoll."
    Looking down, the attendant quickly scans the items.
    "Sir, this", he points to the carpet snake, now sporting penned eyes, decal tongue and 'EKANS' written along its back, "is not a Pokédoll. We do not sell carpet snakes. Please put this back. And how will you be paying for these?"
    "One second," says Richter, defeated, "I'll go put this back then, and have a second look around."
    The attendant groans.

    Richter wanders through the aisles, before stopping in amongst the Pokémon care equipment.
    Lets see, I probably potions, antidotes, food..
    "Excuse me, shopkeeper?"
    "I'm not coming over there sir."
    "Do you know if these potions taste any good?"
    There is a slapping sound from across the store.
    "Sir, I wouldn't rightly know. Those are topical treatments. They are required by law to be non-toxic for human consumption and I have been required by experience to not let customers taste test them."
    "What about these Poképuffs?"
    "Sir, I do get paid."
    Wonders never cease.

    Bringing the rest of his ill-gotten gains to the counter, the attendant starts scanning again.
    "Are you sure you have everything this time, sir?", he pleads.
    He seems slightly annoyed at having to stop scanning mid-transaction before.
    Well... he seems slightly annoyed in general, and he was scanning stuff at the same time, so we'll pretend that's causation.
    Richter picks up a silver emergency poncho from a display unit on the counter and throws it on the pile.

    "As a matter of fact, I was looking for some sand for my Geodude."
    "Soft sand? We should have some over in the held items."
    "Can you show me to it?"
    "It's the third aisle on the left, near the end. You shouldn't miss it.", the attendant huffs, frustrated that someone's asking him to work.
    "Oh that's right, I think I did find some actually.", says Richter, patting down his lab coat.
    "Well, put it on the counter for me to scan.. sir."

    There is a brief tearing sound, and with a flourish Richter starts emptying the white sand from the beheaded draft stopper onto the counter.
    The attendant stands there aghast as the sand pile starts consuming the Pokéballs.
    "I believe you can charge this all to the Pokémon league" smiles Richter, presenting his Pokédex to scan.

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    Having spent an hour or so shaking hands, Jim finally relents and collapses onto a couch on the first floor with a heavy plop.

    It was nice to meet so many people, of course, but no less tiring for it. He flicked through his Dex. Most of the species he'd heard could certainly be found in the area, with the exception of Aron. That was odd. Those weren't often near Lumiose. He checked their normal habitat. Huh, maybe a group of them were on migration from Terminus Cave to the east. Perhaps something was wrong in the area. He decided to keep an eye out for any Aron or other Terminus Cave denizens when they left tomorrow.

    Eli had spent the time goofing around, of course, jumping into small objects and startling trainers by making them shake or move. At one point he even snuck up behind a trainer and let all his Pokemon out, forcing Jim to come over and apologize. When Jim sat down, Eli floated over and sat down on his knee, letting out ghostly little chuckles from his shenanigans.

    "You know," Jim began to tell the Litwick, "I heard someone mention that Legendary Pokemon sometimes appear to young trainers at the start of their journeys. That's not to say it's a sure thing or even very likely to happen to us, but... if we head up to the roof I absolutely guarantee we're going to see a super rare Legend Pokemon since we're such a great team! You wanna go?"

    Eli leaps up in excitement, throwing up a spray of phantom wax. "Wiii!"

    "Alright let's do this!" Jim shouts, jumping to his feet and simultaneously lifting Eli up to his shoulder. "This'll be just like that game 'Klinklang Solid: The Phantom Pain Split,' except it's me instead of a stealthy action trainer, it's Kalos instead of Kanto, it's got a Litwick instead of a giant robotic Eelectross, and there's a legendary Pokemon instead of a threat of global catastrophe!"

    Dashing up the stairs at top speed, Jim keeps going up until he finds the rooftop door. Hurling it open, he runs out and over to the edge. With only average eyesight and no means of magnification, plus the light pollution from the buildings above and below, chances of seeing anything are small, much less a Legendary Pokemon of any kind. Nevertheless, trainer and trainee look up at the night sky together, far past what would be a normal bedtime, until they finally fall asleep.

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    Jim is more than willing to share anything he learned if anyone else wants to know, by the way.

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    ~ Magenta Plaza, by the Canal ~

    "Okay," Aleksandr starts, after having spent a good five minutes stroking and calming the feisty Rockruff. "If you'd like, maybe we can go back to a little play. Some training. You and Volnoy, yes?"

    At the word 'Play', the Rockruff sits bolt upright and barks, its tail scraping across the floor behind it. "Ruff!" it asserts, starting to bounce its forepaws again.

    Aleksandr stands, and places a hand on the canine 'mon's nose. "But if I say 'STOP', you stop. Okay?"

    A wag, a bounce, a tilt of the head. A bark.

    "STOP," Al says, firmly.

    The Rockruff wrinkles its nose, and stops bouncing. For a few moments. The Sinnoh trainer backs up, and gestures towards Volnoy. "How about some stop-tag? You two play tag, if I say STOP, you stop. Yes?" Volnoy nods, waving one hand from side to side while enunciating a few 'Buis' to show he understands. The Rockruff prances in place, eager to start. "Then go.

    The words are barely out of Al's mouth as Volnoy darts in to 'boop' the Rockruff's nose solidly, before riding a shallow wave of water back towards the canal's edge. He stands ready, until the startled Puppy Pokémon dashes after him. The agile Buizel cartwheels lazily away, sparing a moment to tug on the passing Rockruff's tail on the way, skidding to a halt behind the bench Al previously sat on. The Rockruff changes direction sharply, and follows close behind. It even moves -around- the bench, rather than through it, much to Aleksandr's relief.

    "STOP," he asserts, as Volnoy hops backwards. The Buizel freezes in place, and a moment later, the Rockruff does the same, looking between the Sea Weasel and Al. It's completely unable to stop prancing, bouncing and wagging, but it's a start. "Go," he then says, and the chase continues.

    The trio keep at the game for a good fifteen minutes or so, gaining a small audience of younger children with a couple of adults watching from the relative safety of the bridge. Keeping out of the way of thrown sand, jets of water, and the resulting mud is important to most people from Lumiose City. The Rockruff does miss a couple of 'STOP' commands, barreling into Volnoy for a tussle that, without fail, ended with the Buizel wriggling free and escaping before Aleksandr could separate the two, but it does seem to be making at least a little progress. The last command, though? That one misses big time.

    "STOP," Aleksandr shouts, as the Rockruff charges headfirst towards Volnoy with a barrage of exhilarated barking. Volnoy freezes. The Rockruff keeps going.

    The pair end up describing a lazy arc into the canal water, which ends with a splashing, barking puppy and a minorly irritated Buizel swimming circles around the Rock-type, blowing jets of water into the paddling pup's face. "Volnoy, help her out," Al states, leaning over the side of the canal to get a good grip on the Rockruff's scruff to help fish her out of the water. "That's enough play for one day."

    The Rockruff seems to agree, giving Aleksandr's face a couple of friendly, scratchy licks, before stretching out at his feet with a yawn. Al alternates petting the Rockruff and Volnoy, before asking the Buizel, "So, do you think she has potential?"

    Volnoy shrugs, waves one paw from side to side, then nods. He clasps an orange bicep, and states his case. "Bui. BUI-bui."

    "That's what I thought," Aleksandr replies, before tossing both 'mon's a Cheri berry as a reward. "I think I'll call her Borzoi, after the Sakhalian hunting dogs, if the Professor allows us to keep her."
    Volnoy's Attack rises to 4! 4XP spent!

    Volnoy learned Crunch! (Physical, Harassing:Defense, Dark) 1XP spent!

    Borzoi's Speed rises to 2! 2 Trainer XP spent!

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    Posting from the hospital to say that name sounds familiar

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    It's a good name, Bront. 13/10 would pet.

    ...Hospital? Everything okay?

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    Kay wrote: »
    It's a good name, Bront. 13/10 would pet.

    ...Hospital? Everything okay?
    it is a very good name

    everything is super great, my SO just underwent a heart surgery that should completely fix a condition that she was born with. Now she can go for runs and exercise and drink caffeine again and what not as soon as the incision site heals up

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    ~ Looker Bureau ~

    The Chief Detective fills the kettle, turning it on before she busies herself with measuring out some loose leaves into the bottom of a glass carafe. "I hope black tea is fine. We have milk and sugar," she says, absently.

    "Erm," she answers Beatrix's first question, pausing in her task. "Not exactly. I don't quite have the field experience to be passing on all that much knowledge just yet. Maybe in a couple years I'll start taking on apprentices, but until I can confidently put an 'established' year on that plate outside, I'm focusing on building up a name for the agency."

    "Unovan from a ways back, yeah. Parents and I moved here when I was real young. You've got some good ears if you can still catch the accent, even most Kalosians don't these days," she adds, pouring hot water into the french press and putting the lid with its screen on to let it steep.

    "Oh, not at all," she replies to Beatrix's gesture with her Pokedex. "Sorry for not introducing you earlier. That's my partner, Mimi. She's a Psychic Type, so she's a big help around here."

    Beatrix's Pokedex informs her that Mimi is an Espurr, the Restraint Pokemon local to Kalos. A powerful Psychic that keeps its powers in check with the aid of the ears it keeps flattened over its head. Comments on the page seem to indicate that she's not the only one that finds its gaze a little disconcerting, and its solitary, highly individualistic nature apparently makes it a difficult Pokemon to train.

    Pushing the plunger down, Beatrix pours two cups of tea and puts them on a tray with the half-full carafe, as well as a small pitcher of milk and pot of sugar. Carrying it over to the table, she sets it down and takes a seat.

    "So you're thinking of joining the International Police, huh?" she asks, taking her own cup. "Thought of that myself, but it's an awful lot of traveling, and I'm pretty attached to Lumiose right now."

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    ~Central Pokécenter~

    Jim awakens with the rising sun thanks to his choice of bedding on the Pokécenter roof. He nudges awake the candle that's asleep on his feet and checks the clock on his Pokedex. "6 AM, huh? Well, plenty of time to get a bit of training in before we set out! You ready, Eli?" Elijah jumps into the air once, then bends over. "Oh, right, breakfast first."

    The duo head down from the roof and to the cafeteria, since most of the shops are still closed this early. The staff is pretty minimal, but there's oatmeal, toast, and eggs, along with an assortment of fresh berries for Pokémon. Jim scoops some wiki berries into a bowl and sits down with some eggs and toast to discuss a training regimen. "Okay Eli, here's how I see it. Your fire's wicked hot in the heat of battle right now, but you're kinda slow. I think putting some focus on getting you a little faster in battle is our best bet. Thoughts?" He mops up some egg yolk with a crust.

    "Lii!" Eli nods an affirmative.

    "Okay, then that's the plan. Now if only I knew how best to do that." He thought for a minute. "How about we go for a run after breakfast? Kind of a shame that guy Al's not around... but then again, I think he's probably a little too fast for us right now anyway. Probably best if we go at our own pace."

    The finish their meal and head outside. The streetlamps have just cut off and the traffic on the street is still light. Jim bends over to stretch. "Okay, once around the loop, meet back here after. Let's move it!" Jim takes off at a solid sprint, but Eli makes it about three hops before falling flat on his face. He sits up and promptly starts wailing.

    Jim is half a block away before he notices that Eli's not with him. He turns around, spots the crying Litwick, and dashes back over. "It's okay little buddy, you're fine!" He sits down cross-legged by the Litwick. "Here, I kept one just in case." He pulls a spare wiki berry out of his pocket and hands it to the crying candle, who immediately stops crying so that he can eat. "We'll go at our own pace," Jim said comfortingly, giving Eli a light pat on the back.

    The trainer waits a minute while Eli finishes the berry, then stands up. "All better? Ready to try again?" Litwick hops up and nods. "Okay, maybe a little bit slower this time." Jim begins again, this time with a rather fast walk rather than a sprint, and Elijah hops along after him.
    Elijah's Speed has increased to 2 (2 EXP spent)!

    @Marshmallow can I spend EXP on my Pokémon any time, for example in the middle of battle? Just curious.

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    Minion roll 1d100

    Well then...

    1d100 87 [1d100=87]

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    ~Back at the Lab~

    Richter rushes into his unit and hastily locks the door behind him.
    Breathing heavily, he puts his ear to the door and checks for the sound of pursuing footsteps.
    Aside from the general traffic through the Pokécenter's accommodation hallways, Richter can't hear anything amiss.

    "Good. Now to work."
    He retrieves North's Pokéball, now helpfully labelled with a 1 above the button.
    Sitting down, he gently places the ball on the table surface and digs out his notebook.
    Opening up to the next blank page, he quickly sketches down some ideas, cross-referencing these with previous pages (when said pages are not completely stuck together).

    "Okay, let's see if we've got everything.
    North of course."
    , releasing the Pokemon as he runs through the list.
    "Sand", he retrieves a maltreated draft remover from the desk drawer.
    "Bucket and salt.", from underneath his lab coat, he produces a plastic bucket full of salt shakers.
    North raises his eyebrows quizzically.
    "What? Look, it said that the food downstairs was free to League challengers. We're League challengers! It's not like we'll keep the salt shakers."
    Richter convulses briefly, "Besides, I had to drink a cup full of hot salty water when one of the other kids started demanding that I shared."

    "Anyway, this is for you.", says Richter, offering the snake to North.
    "You can eat minerals right? I figure, if we get you eating sand, or quartz even, we might be able to grow you a glass crystal, and that should improve the amount of static we can generate."
    North sniffs at the carpet snake.
    The head has long since fallen off, leaving the salvaged sand exposed.
    Picking the snake up, North empties a mouthful of the white powder into his mouth.
    A loud crunching fills the room.
    "How's it taste?"
    North tilts his head sideways considering.
    Then he picks up a salt shaker, daintily seasons the snake's innards, and then happily continues to eat the sand.
    Richter leaves him to it.

    Grabbing the bucket and the remaining salt, Richter heads for the bathroom.
    "Okay, so first we need some hot water..."
    Soon the bucket is sitting on the floor full of steaming water.
    "And then we over-saturate the bucket with the salt."
    Richter grabs the toilet brush and starts emptying salt shaker after salt shaker into the bucket, constantly stirring the water with the handle of the brush.
    Halfway through, North jumps into the room, having finished his meal.
    "Oh hey. This here is to promote the crystal growth."
    Richter continues to pour the salt in.
    "I figure if we can get some salt crystals started, you body might be able to build on them."
    At this point, the salt stops dissolving in the water, and starts falling to the bottom of the bucket.

    "Now we just need the face mask..."
    Jumping back into the bedroom, Richter looks around for the napkins that he'd put down somewhere before.
    He's a bit taken aback by the shredded carpet snake remains on the table.
    I guess that's nature for you.
    Quickly, he finds the napkins wedged amongst other things between the pages of his notebook.

    Returning to the bathroom, he finds North missing.
    Richter enters the room proper and discovers he's standing in a puddle of water.
    Quickly peering into the bucket, he looks down to see his Geodude snoring underwater.
    Puzzled, Richter watches as North appears to be breathing normally. Or breathing the water?
    Richter slowly reaches down and retrieves his sleeping Pokémon.
    "How did you..."
    North opens one eye, gives a cheeky grin and then sparks.
    One flash of heat later and Richter's eyebrows are gone.

    Richter picks himself up and admonishes the laughing Pokémon.
    "That's not funny. And in fact.."
    Richter lifts his Pokémon up to head height.
    "Open your mouth."
    North hesitantly obliges.
    The entire inner surface of his mouth is encrusted with salt crystals.
    "We're going to need to brush your teeth."
    Richter takes North towards the sink, wielding the toilet brush menacingly.

    North learns [Electrolysis]!

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    I was wondering how a Mad Scientist would work in Pokemon, and now I understand. And I'm scared.

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    ~ Looker Bureau ~
    “Mimi… that sounds like a nice name.” Beatrix nodded. Relieved that the Dex confirmed her suspicions, she felt more at ease. “Tea is perfectly fine. Kinda glad my partner Pokémon is here right now. He’d probably hold the sugar for ransom, if the visit at Prof. Sycamore was any indication.” She gives a hearty wave at the Espurr.

    “Yeah, been thinking on joining Interpol myself, just like my mom. She’s an agent there, you know. But if I intend to join up, I gotta do it on my own volition. If I join up with my mother's consent, then it doesn't really feel earned, you know? I gotta do it on my own merits, hence why I decided to take on the Pokémon Challenge. Figured if I can become a Champion, it might make it easier for me to get accepted. Only the best for Interpol…” She sips her tea. It was really good.

    By the sound of it, Emma was perhaps having a hard time multitasking on her agency. Which was understandable, considering it was … understaffed. But the way she (and by extension, a LOT of the locals) talked about it, it sounded Kalos was the most peaceful region yet.

    “Afraid of leaving Lumiose City vulnerable, right? I can relate to that. A dastardly group got involved in Unova a few years ago. It’s… kind of a long story. If your willing to hear the tale of... Team Plasma?” Emma kept quiet, sipping her tea. But it sounded like she was all ears.

    For the next hour Beatrix explains to Emma about the somewhat noble (though ultimately misguided) attempts of one of Unova’s biggest threats, Team Plasma. She goes into detail about their exploits and how they invaded the Pokémon league from beneath the mountain... literally. How they were ultimately undermined by the ambitions from one of their own, a dangerous man named Ghetsis. How the remnants of said team re-emerged only two years later and were feuding between themselves and the old guard (who had turned over a new leaf to help out Unova and it's residents). How Neo Plasma froze Opelucid City and its environs in search of… something (many people theorized it was a rare Pokémon or something that aided in genetic evolution, by many witness accounts). She wraps it up how they were ultimately defeated by their former leader, N. After that, N disappeared without a trace. Even Beatrix didn’t know where N went off or his known whereabouts. It practically shows up periodically in numerous tabloid magazines in Unova… NOT that she reads them, mind you.

    Putting down her cup, she looks back at Emma. “You’re looking for apprentices and operatives to help you out here in Kalos? And you can’t leave the Agency alone since you have no one else to help build the image here? The way I see it, I think I might have a solution to that dilemma.” She stands up and with resolve continues. “I’m on my Pokemon League challenge. Which means I can go out of the city… AND I can be your eyes and ears in Kalos. That’s why I propose the following: Let me be an on-the-job apprentice! I don’t know much about Kalos or its surroundings. I don’t know all the criminal activities around here, and as much as this might pain me to say this, but I’m not THAT good of a detective as my parents. But… I DO know of someone who DOES! You’re more an expert on all of this than I am, truth be told.” She sweeps her hand in a broad arc across the room. “As long as I report to you on what I find, out there…” she points a finger to a nearby window, “that’ll leave you free to focus on building your agency and contacts here, without leaving the city exposed.”

    She offers a handshake towards Emma “So, what do you say… Director Emma? Time to give this Unovan rookie a chance?” she smiled.

    Going to use a Network token to do a Commanding Presence, hoping to get Emma as a future Ally or Contact.

    @Marshmallow: I take it players have some knowledge on their respective Teams and acts in their region, since it could be newsworthy?

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    ~ Looker Bureau ~

    The Espurr, Mimi, waves back half-heartedly, and gives a cautious smile to Beatrix.

    "Well," Emma replies, glancing over the top of her cup and raising an eyebrow. "How could I turn down an offer like that?"

    Setting down her cup and gazing towards the front of her agency, she continues. "To be honest, this is how the relationship between Interpol and private detectives tends to work anyway. Detectives get to pursue their own goals, work their own jobs, but when the International Police need a local who they can trust they come a callin' and a deputizin'."

    "And in between then, if a Detective's got something on their hands a little too big or obscure to handle on their lonesome, they maybe have a few favors to call in with the big guys with the big databases."

    She shakes Beatrix's offered hand.

    "So, let's swap contact info. You find anything I might be interested in, you pass it along. I have any leads I think might be worth following up on, I'll bring you in on the case and you can decide if it's worth your time. This works out well, and I might pass along some serious fieldwork - with pay - and on your part if you get into any trouble, I can pull some strings and see about getting you out, or through, it without being any worse for the wear."

    That seems likely. Big events with lots of witnesses and cameras that affected lots of people and pokemon would probably be common knowledge, potentially even for those in other regions

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    Beatrix is now officially the team narc, so everybody watch your butt.

    Make sure you keep your berry stashes at the bottom of your packs, and only pull 'em out when you know she's asleep.

  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
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    ~ Looker Bureau ~
    Beatrix was ecstatic. This was it, the big score. The foot in the door.

    After trading their numbers, the two spent the rest of the day talking about all manner of subjects. From topics like the Agency, Interpol, and even the region of Unova and how it was flourishing. Beatrix could hardly contain her excitement, and it didn’t take a shrewd detective to know this girl had a passion. By the time she left in good graces and closed the Looker Bureau's door behind her, the sun was starting it’s descent in the horizon.

    Emma’s allusion to Interpol agents deputizing locals gave her a moment of pause though. It made her wonder if the Director had gone through the whole drama herself. Nah, she thought to herself. Emma had the gumption and tenacity as someone who was MADE to be a detective, she concluded. Making her way back to the center of Lumiose City, she pulls out her trusty notepad once more, scribbling a few more notes.

    “And so, our heroine has now entrenched herself even further in the world of the Kalos's law and order. The heroine laid many a brick or two, strengthening her foundation that is her future career. She met new, wonderful and perhaps strange allies, a possible mentor slash associate... and even met new Pokémon. Standing on this crossroad to fame though, she wonders to herself:

    What does a girl have to do around here to get a good Casteliacone around these parts?”

    She walks off, satisfied on the progress today. She might not have done any training or bought any supplies for the trip like the others (hopefully), but one thing’s for sure: It pays to have a friend in high places.

    Having returned to the Pokécenter, she found a very annoyed Murkrow on the top of her itinerary. Fortunately, she DID manage to buy the avaricious avian a bag filled with a good selection of sablés of all shapes, sizes and palette. Turns out they were just a fancy terms for sweetened shortbread. She made certain to get only the sweetest of shortbread. A good thing too, as Moriarty set forth to gorge himself on them, while Beatrix spent the night studying all the Dex’s functions within the room she offered from the center staff. Halfway the night, she takes a moment to stare out of the room’s window, which had a most excellent view of the Prism Tower in full prismatic beauty. The view was breathtaking, causing the young girl to offer a sigh of relief and serenity.

    Moriarty, being curious by Beatrix’s sigh, perches himself on her shoulder. “Krow?” he squawks. She looks back at him, a tired but warm smile on her face. “You and me pal, we’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. The ride’s started, and I don’t think I could ask to be saddled with a better partner. Here's to a great chapter in the story of our lives.” Moriarty merely rolls his eye, in a composure that she surmised meant ‘pipe it with the selp help clichés, kid. No need to be all soppy about it’. Beatrix meekly giggles. "Okay then, but just promise to be at my side. Thick and thin, deal?" They both high-five in response.


    The Murkrow then promptly goes back to guzzling himself full on shortbread delight. As for herself, she merely returns back to her Dex, wondering what kind of Pokémon to be found in the region of Kalos…
    And thus the Looker Bureau arc comes to a close. I’ll write up a post-jog entry later when I’m less tired.

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    Everybody ready to move on? Wanna get this adventure started

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    I'm at work and feeling vaguely shitty (either summer cold or hay fever?), so if Tiamatz wants to post the jog stuff we did on IRC, I'm fine with that to hasten things. I don't have it at work.

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    Kay wrote: »
    I'm at work and feeling vaguely shitty (either summer cold or hay fever?), so if Tiamatz wants to post the jog stuff we did on IRC, I'm fine with that to hasten things. I don't have it at work.
    I'll post it up once I get back home, since I saved the IRC log on my home PC by accident. So barring the jog RP, we should all be ready for the trip?

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    I think so! Unless Tommy had some stuff to add. He's been busy with RL lately.

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    Terrendos wrote: »
    @Marshmallow can I spend EXP on my Pokémon any time, for example in the middle of battle? Just curious.

    Forgot to answer this while being horrified by mad science.

    You spend Exp whenever things aren't particularly hurried, nor are there any major challenges being resolved. So learning moves/increasing stats in the middle of a friendly downtime battle with an NPC or fellow trainer? A-okay. Using Exp during a important battle with a Gym Leader? A lot less okay. Doing so to specifically get yourself a perfect Super Effective move to counter your opponent on the fly? Not very okay at all.

    The idea here is really just to stop that last example from being tempting, lest it become the meta to hang on to a few Exp at all times in case you really need a niche move or two at some point.

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    ~ Base of the Prism Tower, 7:57am ~
    Aleksandr jogs in along the canal, and turns right on Centrico Plaza, Volnoy and Borzoi close behind. The Rockruff seems content to run, sniff, and follow. At least for the moment. The trio continue around to the south exit - Vernal Avenue, the direction of the Pokécenter and Sycamore's Lab - and come to a halt.

    Al turns to give Volnoy's crest a rub, then kneels by Borzoi to give her a thorough fussing.

    "Good girl," he congratulates, though the running they've already doing may have gone some way towards chilling out the boisterous Pokémon.

    ~ Base of the Prism Tower, 8:00am ~
    Clad in her tracksuit (highlighted by its pattern of two of her home region's colors: black and white) with a towel covering her neck, the young detective made her way to a nearby city bench. The day was still early, and nary a soul was awake (other than the municipal workers, of course; Mail isn’t going to deliver itself, y’know). Though Al did state to meet her at Prism Tower, Beatrix preferred to arrive early. Well, early at her convenience.

    Hmm, I wonder where Al went off to. He DID say to meet up here at Prism Tower, she pondered to herself.

    With the Ace Trainer not in sight, she decided to do some work outs on a nearby bench, mostly doing just some pushups and sit ups. Of Moriarty, there was no sign, but she knew the Murkrow was in proximity at all times; she kept his bag of treats next to her after all, and he never likes sharing it with others should anyone try to get their grubby mitts on it. The fact she got to convince him this morning alone was practically a miracle.

    Meanwhile, soaring above her, Moriarty merely looks down upon the flightless common folk, enjoying some sweet, sweet freedom and the satisfaction of stretching his wings out on the wild blue yonder for once. The fact it wasn't raining this early the morning made him all the more content to be up here in the air.

    ~ Base of the Prism Tower, 8:05am~
    "Let's run a circuit or two," Al tells his Pokémon, after finishing a set of crunches. "See if we run into them. Centrico Plaza is pretty big, after all. The Ace Trainer then rolls back onto his shoulders, and kicks to a standing position with just a hint of a wobble. Each time the trio come to an exit from the plaza, Al hops from fence-post to fence-post on the way.

    Volnoy, of course, refuses to be outdone, and he follows his trainer's movements precisely. Borzoi's excitement rises at the display of skill, and bounces back and forth between the two, barking enthusiastically. "Shhh," Al suggests, leaning over to give the Rockruff some affection and attention as they continue around the plaza.

    After a few more minutes, Al's entourage approaches Beatrix from the north, circling the tower anti-clockwise. "Hoi!" he shouts, with a wave. Volnoy adds a "Bui!" Borzoi barks loudly, runs ahead of the group, and turns a circle after catching sight of her tail out of the corner of one eye.

    By the time she was done with her one hundredth push up, Beatrix notices the familiar looking Ace trainer making his way to her. She quickly gets back onto her feet in mere moments.

    “And a hearty ‘Ahoy’ to you as well, Al. Thought for a second you got lost in this crazy town.”

    She waves at them with one hand, while drying her face off with the towel with the other. Moriarty, noticing something’s happening below, circles down lazily toward them. "Krow" could be heard from above.

    "Good thing I don't have my Dex handy, otherwise I'd thought you'd be a tad late." She smiles.

    "Oh, no," Al says in reply, gesturing towards the south. "I thought you would be coming from that direction, I guess you're at one of the other Pokécenters." He glances around the area, then along towards Magenta Plaza. "There's one down there? That's where Volnoy and Borzoi trained yesterday."

    At the mention of her name, Borzoi bounds forwards, only to be stopped by Alek's fingers digging into the mane of fluff around her shoulders. He steps forwards to put a hand around the Rockruff's chest, too. "Stop," he says firmly, and the canine 'mon seems to calm down a bit.

    "Don't worry about Borzoi, if she gets too excited, she can go back to her ball," Al assures Beatrix, before releasing the Rockruff with some more pets. Volnoy jumps up and cuffs Al on the shoulder with a grunt. Al then lavishes some attention on the Buizel, too. "Shall we do a circuit, then out to the outer circle, and towards the lab? I should probably return the Professor's Rockruff, unless she's decided to adopt me. She's still very excitable."

    She jerks a thumb towards Magenta Plaza. “Can’t say I don’t blame you. I checked the Dex yesterday prior to leaving the Lab. Ironically the largest Pokecenter… according to the map... Center is almost off the beaten path. The fact it looks more like a mall on the outside than a center didn't do it any favors either. If I didn't ask for directions yesterday from passerby's, I'd have thought my Dex was fritzing. Still…” She looks back at the Prism Tower. “With the right room, probably has the best view in the city. So it’s worth it”

    “So wait, you guys stayed at the Northwestern one?” she said in surprise, gesturing in the direction they jogged from. She notices the affection (though somewhat stern) the trainer gives to the Rockruff.

    “Borzoi, eh? That your name, little guy?” she asks the Rockruff.

    "Don't worry about Borzoi, if she gets too excited, she can go back to her ball," Al assures Beatrix, but she merely shakes her head.

    “Oh, don’t you worry about lil old me. I don’t think he’d like being stuck in his ball all of the time. He’s young and needs to see the world past a Lab, now ain’t that right?” she smirks at the Rockruff.

    She crouches and offers an open hand towards the Rockruff, as though requesting permission to rub his diminutive head.

    Having finally landed on the nearby bench, Moriarty watches the exchange going on…. Before being distracted by the now unguarded bag of confectionery delights.

    "Shall we do a circuit, then out to the outer circle, and towards the lab? I should probably return the Professor's Rockruff, unless she's decided to adopt me. She's still very excitable." Beatrix looks at Al. “Sure, it’ll do some good to stretch these legs this early the day.”

    She stretches her hands and legs, before slacking. “Maybe then you can show me those ‘parkour’ moves of yours?” she teases.

    "She just gets excited very easily," Al offers, as Beatrix leans in to rub Borzoi's head. "Then she gets rough. She is INCREDIBLY strong, maybe strong enough to move boulders. Maybe strong enough to FETCH boulders," the Ace Trainer then says, thoughtfully.

    In response to the questions about which Pokécenter he was in, Aleksandr replies with, "The one near the Laboratory, it was closest and had room, so we stayed there. Hmm. Parkour, I am not very good yet, not at the moves. But I can show you something if we go back through Magenta Plaza."

    Volnoy notices Moriarty's interest in the bag of treats, and glances between the two trainers and the advancing Murkrow. Borzoi just licks at Beatrix's hand, rubs her face on it, and intensifies the wagging of her rock-studded tail.

    The thought of such a small puppy Pokemon being able to fetch boulders was both an exciting and concerning thought. Truly, these creatures were more than meets the eye.

    She should count herself lucky. Especially considering she’d get into scuffles and fights on her own back in Pinwheel forest. Well, not always alone, considering every time her father interfered each time things didn’t exactly go in her favor.

    Moriarty notices Volnoy looking at him. Or was he looking at… HIS STASH OF TREATS?! The Murkrow fixates his irate stare at the Buizel, his beak upturned flippantly in a way that translates in Pokemon to ‘why yes, this is indeed all for me and not FOR YOU!’.

    “Lead the way then, as of now, you know more about the layout here than I do…” she offers politely.

    While the trainers talk, Volnoy casually squirts a jet of water in the general direction of the bag of treats. He turns his head, and trains the water lazily towards the bag, only stopping short at the last moment. His message is just as clear, as he waggles an eyebrow at Moriarty.

    "Sure thing, Al replies, before starting towards Magenta Plaza in a brisk jog, Borzoi at his heels. Volnoy offers the Murkrow a shrug, then follows.
    After making sure Beatrix is following, he turns the corner, and points towards the bridge. "I practiced this yesterday," he says. "Quite simple, as the sport goes. Lots of videos online of people free-running in this city."

    The youth speeds up some, then leaps gracefully up towards the bridge supports as he approaches. One foot connects solidly, and he pushes off to lengthen his step towards another foothold, before hopping up to the edge of the bridge, pulling himself up the rest of the way. The movements are smooth, and he makes it look easy.

    "Step there, then there," he says, pointing. He then leans out and extends a hand to help Bea out if she tries it. "And if you miss, the canal will break your fall," Al continues, with a grin.

    The Murkrow is left astounded at the audacity of the sea otter Pokemon. The offhand shrug was ironically the cherry on top of this sundae. He’ll find some way to put that terrestrial walker in his place, oh yes he will. But it will be on HIS terms, not the other way around.

    Seeing the others jogging away, Moriarty merely grabs the bag with his beak, and flies behind them, keeping a close eye on the Buizel in particular.
    Upon examining how Al gracefully parkour, and the advice he offers, Beatrix looks back at Al.

    "And if you miss, the canal will break your fall," Al continues, with a grin.

    Gonna use a Physique token here to endure a hit and bear it, if Marsh will allow it. Otherwise it’s just for RP purposes.

    With grim determination, she gazes back at the bridge, and tries her best at mimicking his moves. She steps in all the right places, but her timing and placements were way off. She can feel her ankles and joints ache, her sinews twist and bend, her muscles stretch and heave as they were just not as flexible and malleable as her trainer counterpart.

    I guess this is what happens when they say you skip leg day, she thought to herself. She makes it to Al, not worse for wear on the outside, though it felt like an immense undertaking on her part. She made certain not to show the pain affecting her. She's made of stronger stuff, and how humiliating it would be if a Detective couldn't take a little pain.

    “Well… that… was… easy,” she huffed.

    "So... what's next, Mr. Al?" She ribs halfheartedly, mostly trying to avoid sounding a bit worn from that.

    Al leans down as Beatrix leaps, and catches her forearm to help steady her after she makes the jumps through sheer power. He grunts quietly, then lets the Detective pull herself up over the edge once he's sure she's got a good grip.

    "Sorry," he says. "That was maybe a little too much to start. You are VERY strong, though," he says, with some obvious admiration. "Like Borzoi."

    Speaking of the Rockruff, she's followed Al the long way around, and wastes no time hopping up onto the guardrail... and then straight over into the canal. "Not again," Al mutters. "Volnoy, can you help her?" he asks.

    Volnoy dives in, and lifts the flailing Rockruff above the water. Borzoi licks the Sea Weasel in gratitude before hopping up onto the boulevard again, using the Buizel's head as a stepping stone. Volnoy does not seem amused.

    "We could head to the outer ring, do a circuit, and end up at the Laboratory again," he suggests. "Then back to the Pokécenters, take a shower, and get ready to head to Santalune. I doubt the others will even be awake yet."

    ”Heh, runs in the family, I guess. Dad used to be in the Police. Pushed me to learning some moves back in the day. Self defense, and all… That, and all that roughhousing back in Unova sure paid off... Heh?” She said embarrassingly. That awkward moment between them seemed to pass by in a split second, as the Rockruff plunges into the canal.

    “Oh dear…” was all Beat could mutter.

    Moriarty finally catches up with the others, casually lands on Beatrix’s shoulders, all the while stifling a guffaw at the Buizel’s humiliation.

    The immediate reminder of losing the snacks during this comical scene snapped the Murkrow quickly back into reality. For now, he will just enjoy the free ‘entertainment’.

    "We could head to the outer ring, do a circuit, and end up at the Laboratory again," Al suggested. "Then back to the Pokécenters, take a shower, and get ready to head to Santalune. I doubt the others will even be awake yet."

    “Fair enough. And don’t forget… breakfast. You DID say something about something to eat on route to the Prof?”

    As they made their way back to the center plaza, the detective calls back at the Ace trainer. “Last one to the Café across the lab pays the bill!” she laughs.

    "This is Lumiose," Al says. "There are cafés on every corner! Coffee and a pastry would be good."

    As the pair and their Pokémon continue on their jog and Beatrix pulls ahead, Al puts on a burst of speed and catches up. "I've been training along with Volnoy since I was very small," he offers. "Climbing and bouldering are my favorites, behind swimming. But I was always very good at running," he then continues, breaking into a sprint, really making Beatrix work for her potential free breakfast.

    And thus the Jogging arc comes to a conclusion. No Pokémon were harmed in the making of this story.

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    Thanks, TiamatZ! I am now home from work and VERY, very wet. It is like a solid wall of water out there.

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    Just gonna throw a !Ready here.

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    ~ Sycamore Labs, 9:10am ~

    Freshly showered, and dressed for the road, Aleksandr arrives at the Laboratory. Volnoy and Borzoi are at his heels, one far more well behaved than the other.

    "Borzoi, calm," Al says, with a gentle firmness, while resting a hand between the Rockruff's ears.

    She barks once in response, then sits down clumsily with a little plume of dust.

    "Good GIRL," says the trainer by way of reward, turning the reassuring touch into some affectionate scruffles. "Maybe I'll get some stickers for your ball if you keep this up."

    He taps the traditional red and white ball on his belt, then the more striking Premier Ball beside it. The mostly white gadget already has a wave decal and a cool-looking Buizel sticker, punching the air as it rides a wave of water. No prizes for guessing who that ball belongs to.

    "Now to see if you can come to Santalune with us," Al says, before stepping into the lab.
    If we're not meeting at the lab and heading out, sorry! Just got to clear the possible Rockruff ownership transferring before running off!

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    ~ Sycamore Labs ~

    Aleksandr has no need to wait this time, as the Professor is already in the lobby of the Lab, chatting with the secretary as a familiar red lizard Pokemon stirs at his feet.

    As the door shuts behind the Ace Trainer and his companions, Professor Sycamore wraps up his conversation and starts striding toward them. The Charmander, belatedly noticing the Professor's departure, takes a few bounding leaps to catch up before launching itself at the back of his leg, and climbing gecko-like up the back of his labcoat to suspiciously peer at the newcomer and his Pokemon via the height and cover afforded by clinging to Sycamore's shoulder.

    "Ah, Aleksandr! Bonjour! You are well? Rockruff is well? How are you getting along, now?"

    ~ Parterre Way (Route 4) ~ :whistle:

    The rain chased away in the night, the prepared and provisioned group may look forward to sunshine and clear skies on their first excursion outside Lumiose City. Passing through the Southeast gates, they are afforded their first look at a Kalos route, a wide, clear, brown-pebbled path heading southwards towards Santalune City.

    Here and there, to either side of the pathway, are the massive banks of the carefully tended red and yellow flowers that give the route its name, lush and vibrant with color from yesterday's rain and today's sun. The healthy plants grow densely, and to to a height of three or four feet, swaying slowly with either the gentle breeze or possibly from the movements of whatever Pokemon dwell in its undergrowth. Also to be found to the wayside are groups of tall hedges, their manicured appearance and the artfully pruned entranceways hinting at the maze-like corridors to be found within.

    The route itself seems peaceful, with only a few trainers walking around in the distance, more interested in strolling the paths than exploring the flowers, though there may be more, unseen, trying their luck at exploring the hedge mazes or resting at the fountain that marks the half-way point on the stroll between Lumiose and Santalune.

    Walking at a brisk pace, you could probably make it to Santalune City in an hour or two. But what kind of trainer doesn't stop to smell the flowers, and possibly try to catch it if it turns out to be a Flower-like Pokemon?

    What would you like to do?

    Edit: If the group would like to write out meeting up in the City and heading out together, feel free to do so. Route 4 description is just up for whenever you're ready for it.

    @Kay spoiler alert: Aleks is probably keeping the Rockruff.

    Edit2: also, also, you may consider any trait tokens you spent previously recovered by the time this scene rolls around.

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    ~ Sycamore Labs ~

    "Quite well," Aleks replies, turning to raise a hand to the Rockruff. "Stay," he commands, before taking a few steps towards the Professor, watching Borzoi the whole time.

    Borzoi's attention is split between the Professor, whom she would very much like to jump up at while barking, Aleks, who has asked her so nicely to be BORING and STAY PUT...

    ...And Volnoy, who stands beside her with his arms crossed, and a frown on his orange features. And Volnoy can kick her ASS. Or outplay her to the point of exhaustion, in her mind.

    She barks, once, wags her tail frantically, and can't help but wriggle from side to side in place as her eyes dart from Aleksandr, to the Professor, then to Volnoy, and back. When she starts to whine her exuberant frustration, eyes mostly on Volnoy at this point, Aleksandr taps at his chest.

    "C'mere," he commands. And boy does she ever. Aleksandr even has to interpose himself between Sycamore and the bounding Rockruff, catching her mid-jump, to avoid a flattening. "We're working on it. She's getting there, though," he says as he sets Borzoi down. "She is a LOT of work, but a 'mon as strong as she as is worth it." He pauses a moment. "Are you aware of how strong she is? It's like trying to hold back the ocean."

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    ~ Sycamore Labs ~

    "So impressive, yes," the Professor agrees. "Though she is a handful, you still seem to have her..." he frowns. "Well in hand? Eating out of your hand? You are doing good work, I mean," he continues, waving away the unpolished wordplay and causing his Fire Type passenger's tail to whip for balance. "Both you and your Buizel."

    "I do hope this means you are willing to look after the young Rockruff a bit longer, non? I would not wish to burden you with a too-challenging partner so early in your journey, but it looks as though you are up to the task of training her."

    Updating my wiki page. Looks like...
    - North learned the [Electrolysis] Assist for 3 Exp
    - Volnoy improved Attack for 4 Exp and learned a new move for 1 Exp
    - Borzoi improved Speed for 2 (trainer) Exp
    - Elijah improved Speed for 2 Exp

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