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Need some help with this WA state medicaid/apple insurance thing...

SyzygySyzygy Registered User regular
The actual website itself is no help to me in my current situation since they're no longer receiving calls until monday, which will be too late, and I haven't had a response to my email I sent them within the last 2 days, so I'm hoping someone here has had experienc dealing with this insane twisted labryinth of government health insurance.

Long story short, family emergency happened, I need to travel outside the country to a place where the CDC strongly advises I get immunizations for Hep A and Typhoid. I'm a poor student and this being America, my current employer doesn't provide any health benefits unless I'm full time which they refuse to let me do, and I can't afford those immunizations out of pocket. A friend told me about the Washington State Apple Medicaid/Health Insurance program, I signed up, it said I was covered, they sent me a card, I go to the pharmacy to get my immunizations aaaaaaand apparently they sent me the wrong card or something because they couldn't pinpoint my provider amongst a bunch of others with the same name or something like that. Apparently I'm covered by Molina instead of the state now? Except the Molina website says I have no account associated with them.

I should have gotten this done a week ago but thanks to the glacial pace of our great country's bureaucracy, I have exactly 6 days to get these immunizations before I have to leave and most likely die a (supposedly) easily preventable diarrhea fever death.

Anyone know what the hell I'm supposed to do?


  • WindburnWindburn Registered User regular
    I can't provide any specific help with your insurance. But...

    If your coverage has started, you can pay out of pocket now and file a reimbursement claim yourself when you get back. It's not ideal, but it is better than dying a "preventable diarrhea fever death."

    On that front, both Hepatitis A and Typhoid are very preventable (even without the vaccine). Both are transmitted fecal-oral. Simply don't drink any water that isn't bottled or boiled. Avoid food that isn't prepped by yourself or cooked at a very high temperature. And wash your hands. A lot. ....and, you know....don't eat poop.

    Finally, just to clarify, the state of Washington does not administer Medicaid. Instead, they contract with private insurance companies (like Molina). The theory is that large, for-profit agencies will be more cost efficient than individual state agencies. They pay X amount per member to the company (Molina) and if the insurance company runs in the black, they keep the profit. If they run in the red, they eat it. The details about what is covered is not determined by the insurance company, but rather the State.

  • SyzygySyzygy Registered User regular
    Thanks mate. Well, it's no German public healthcare, but it's better than nothing I guess. Better stock up on Pepto and bottled water it sounds like.

  • CelestialBadgerCelestialBadger Registered User regular
    Always travel with Imodium! Unlike Pepto Bismol it actually works.

  • evilmrhenryevilmrhenry Registered User regular
    edited July 2017
    Have you tried a different pharmacy? This could just be an issue with that one pharmacy.

    EDIT: Should have checked the dates.

    evilmrhenry on
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