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Some basic information and backstory:
I'm 6' 7", 32 and 250-260 pounds, depending.

I've tried to get into shape in the past. There was a span of several months where I went to the gym to do straight strength training. Life happened and that kind of fell by the wayside. Now due to my current situation going to the gym is both very difficult logistically and financially. However, seeing as I'm not try trying for a high level of strength I don't think that's a deal breaker.

So what I want:

Getting stronger though to what degree I'm unsure. I don't need to be bench pressing 500lbs but I don't want to be winded 10 minutes into helping a person move.

Getting more endurance which is easier to measure. I'm not looking to run marathons but running at a good clip for 15+ minutes would be aces.

What I can do: Jog for a few minutes. Google says beginners can jog for 10-15 minutes. I apparently suck really hard considering I've been exercising consistently for a month and a half now.

Do 3 sets of 15 bench press reps of 30lb dumb bells both l and -- ways (normal and hammer, don't know the terms?) so a total of 90 reps.

Four types of curls - normal, hammer, across chest and twist. Again, sorry for not knowing the terms. I can only usually get about 5-7 of each type though I do them after the bench press so that probably has an effect? I feel like I should do multiple sets of each type but not sure.

3 sets of 30 second planks though my arms and legs tire first usually. Also hurts my back at times.

I can do maybe like 5 push-ups. It's not pretty. This is without any other arm work. Yes, that bad.

What I don't do:

Weighted squats - really awkward with dumb bells. Hurts my back.

Jog anymore after I run out of breath and my legs get really sore. I recover quickly enough but I'm lazy, I guess. I think this is the primary reason I see very little endurance gains.

What I do but probably shouldn't:

Take one rest day per week. While I often push my muscles to temporary failure I don't notice any soreness after the fact. That makes me think I'm not pushing myself enough so I just repeat stuff everyday but Sunday. I wonder if it's having the opposite effect?

What I have access to:
25 and 30lb dumb bells, running shoes and time.

Anyhow, I appreciate any suggestions, criticisms, tweaks and so on. Thanks in advance!

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    There is a weightlifting thread in SE; people there are pretty good at this stuff and might be helpful to you.

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