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Learning VBA without it being a total snoozefest.

LeptonLepton Registered User regular
So, I want to learn VBA. At my current job, I feel that we're leaving some capabilities on the table by not using VBA. Additionally, I've heard it's useful for the career I'm looking to transition into.

That said, every time I've gone to learn, I just find myself linked to these text-only pages that are really flipping boring. I had good luck getting started with Python using Coursera. I got the basics down and now me and Google can figure out the rest.

I guess the question is: Does anyone know a good resource for learning VBA that is interesting and geared towards people who have done at least some coding before?


  • PyrianPyrian Registered User regular
    Hmm... Not really, but if you've done coding before, VBA is easy. It's just Basic with access to object representation of the Office products. If you want to learn how to do a particular action, record yourself doing that action and check out the code the recorder produces. Easy peasy.

    Here's a missile-command type of game I made a long time ago in Excel VBA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ch092ckfimdjuhx/SpiderDrop.xls?dl=0

  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    Pyrian has got it right. Games.
    A way to make learning fun is to set a fun goal and then go after it. For example back in the day I learned some of my programming skills making games for my younger sister, at first just versions of simple arcade games and then later I made them into games that taught basic math.

    Bones heal, glory is forever.
  • CelestialBadgerCelestialBadger Registered User regular
    Set yourself a task. VB is great for automating boring office tasks. Do you have any boring office tasks you'd like to automate?

    Make sure you don't practice on live data, or you will really screw things up!

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