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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - Play Dead

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited May 2015 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - Play Dead

Play Dead

Play Dead

Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • Anon von ZilchAnon von Zilch Registered User regular
    I think Brian should be declared winner. Dead people don't talk.

  • jschultzjschultz Registered User regular
    edited May 2015
    "Brian's in the lead now." makes more sense to me. :)

    PS - There's no way there's a cat I'm missing here ... [edit] woops, found him!

    jschultz on
  • DrunkMcDrunkMc Registered User regular
    That was a tricky cat! I had to zoom in just to be sure!

  • K^2K^2 Registered User regular
    Brian gave Seventeen a handicap. She's allowed to talk. Otherwise, Brian would always win.

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I hate to ask, but can someone point out the cat for me?

  • VisionAriVisionAri Registered User regular
    @Senno: I couldn't find it, either and then the third time I searched, it jumped out at me. Look carefully in the frames that only show Malachi.

  • Morgan BlackpowderMorgan Blackpowder Registered User regular
    Frame 5

  • Sensei Le RoofSensei Le Roof Registered User regular
    edited May 2015

    Sensei Le Roof on
  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Wow that was a tricky kittie... DAMN, nice work Katie!

    As to the actual comic... Superb, Seventeen is queen of new games, but I think Brian's Zenlike calm will give him the edge in the "laying down pretending to be dead for long periods" game.

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    if it's still a tie after 60 minutes, release the fire ants for the sudden-death overtime.

    have to chime in and agree today's hidden kitteh was extremely difficult; thought i was going to have to break my rule of not glancing at the comments until after locating said kitteh, to see if anyone had claimed to find it AND hope that they had 'spoiler warned' it also.

  • NicCageTheMageNicCageTheMage Registered User new member

  • sokpupetsokpupet Registered User regular
    Well obviously she's only mostly dead.

  • GelonzoGelonzo Registered User new member
    I almost thought the cat is away playing dead someplace else.

  • metfanscmetfansc Registered User regular
    Ehh, I get why this might have been a tricky kitty, but if you think about it it was a pretty easy find, there was really only three panels the cat could appear in because of the camera on the panels, "What is it" "What do you do" and "Whose Winning" were the only options.

    After narrowing that down there is quite a bit of similarity between the three so I thought the Kitty stood out pretty quickly between them. I like that this isn't so much of a "where's waldo" moment where he can somehow be stitched into the side of the wall where he couldn't actually be but instead the cat is always someplace he/she can be just figuring out where :)

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    How do you know who wins this game?

  • UncleRemilUncleRemil Registered User new member
    Hew, you should update the "meet the campers" section. with all the campers that we've know so far! :)

  • bmckbmck Registered User new member
    @niccagethemage doing the lord's work

  • Spiritcatcher10Spiritcatcher10 Registered User new member
    @Sarge When one of them actually dies

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    UncleRemil wrote: »
    Hew, you should update the "meet the campers" section. with all the campers that we've know so far! :)

    Best suggestion I've heard all day. Katie, make it happen and I'll mail* you a cookie of your choice.
    *Some crumbing may occur. May contain nuts. Void where prohibited. Om nom nom nom nom cookie nom nom nom...

  • Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    I think Brian's winning because he's quiet, Seventeen. XD

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