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I miss the H.P. Pubcraft Lovecrawl

dm_magicdm_magic Registered User regular
Last seen in 2015. Obviously there won't be one this year, as we are two weeks from PAX and nothing has been said. That being said, I had a great time going to years 1 and 3. Besides the TWDT, which I won't be taking part in, will there be any other crawls in this vein? And if not, maybe some of us could put something together for Friday or Saturday night?



  • R23R23 Registered User regular
    I think the organizer said he wouldn't be doing another because he took over the triwizard. I liked the cuthulu crawl too.

  • VillainelleVillainelle Registered User new member
    If anyone /is/ craving beers in the Lovecraft theme and has time to hop a ferry, there's a fun place in Bremerton called Lovecraft Brewing that is relevant to your interests:

  • dm_magicdm_magic Registered User regular
    I found the organizer on Facebook and sent him a message. He sent the following:

    "Hi Christopher. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the LoveCrawl is no more. I have moved on to other projects. I will always have a fond place in my heart for all the LoveCrawlers, but it's time to move on."

  • dm_magicdm_magic Registered User regular
    R23 wrote: »
    I think the organizer said he wouldn't be doing another because he took over the triwizard. I liked the cuthulu crawl too.

    Tom loughead runs TWDT.

  • RussBRussB Registered User regular
    I agree. I went to all 3 Lovecrawls, and each was great in different ways. We certainly owe @swordgoatz a huge thank you for the great memories he and his group of friends helped us build. I never would have been exposed to the cool pubs in Ballard or met such great people without it.

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