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So much more than Pins - A Pinny Pals Community Panel at Pax West (Updated)

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edited August 2017 in Pinny Arcade
Friday at 5pm in the Cat Theater join Kiki, VBT, Pedroasani, Toasty, Qumaden and myself for a panel all about the community that has formed around collecting pins. I've heard it said that Friday is the best day for panels about Pins!!!

We would like to have a Q&A section for the panel but in the past people haven't asked too many questions, so to get ahead of that we are taking questions ahead of time and I will ask the panelists them during the panel. Even if you are going but you don't want to ask a question in person here if your chance. Troll us or ask something serious. This panel is about the community and we'd love to hear from you. This panel will be filmed and posted so you will be able to hear your question and it's answer...THE FUTURE!!! Below is the link to submit questions.

Here is the official blurb that will be in the program...

Do you love pins?? Of course you do, and you'll be surprised how many others do too. We've searched all of the internets to bring you the most pinthusastic panelists to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. We will discuss the flourishing development of community pins, artwork inspired by pins, even training for a 5K. We will also turn the microscope on ourselves and share how this community has changed our lives and could possibly change yours for the better.

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