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Let's Draw - Animal Deathmatch

Sammy.SamSammy.Sam Registered User regular
We're going to use this thread to test a drawing game called "Animal Deathmatch". Anyone is welcome to play, the format is:

1) Select an animal and draw it.
2) Update or redraw your animal with a weapon or ability to counter your opponent's drawing.
3) Repeat step 2 until you're bored.

Think of it as an animal arms race escalation. For example, Sally draws a turtle. Ray draws a caterpillar. Sally draws their turtle with a pair of nunchaku. Ray gives their caterpillar 6 sets of metal claws. Sally gives their turtle laser vision. Ray transforms their caterpillar into a butterfly with cluster bombs.

I think that's how this should work? @silrn recommended this format, so feel free to provide feedback and we'll get the kinks worked out. Even though the PA forum file limits have increased, we still recommend that you just host your image somewhere else and then link it to your post to avoid the wrath of the mods. Also, remember that this is an official PA forum so please keep the content of your creations in line with their rules of conduct. And have fun! This is less an exercise in developing art skill and more an exercise in working your creativity.


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